Trends in Advertising & Business Promotion

It is a well-known fact that advertising and promotion has adopted several new methods with the developments in online communication and Internet technology. Consumers also changed their media consumption due to these technological developments. Growing influence of the internet and new media led the marketers to align their advertising and promotions to harmonize with the growing influence of the internet and new media. Advertising and business promotions that use traditional media will remain viable options, especially for local market promotion. However, digital marketing techniques offered convincing advertising and promotion capabilities that were not available just a few years ago to small-scale business owners.

advertising trends

Surge in Digital Content

Developments in new technologies increased the Internet connectivity speeds. This increase in connectivity speeds has also triggered a deluge of digitized content that changed the way consumers make buying decisions. Several studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Commerce revealed that 77 percent of American households had a computer as of October 2010. According to a Leichtman Research Group study released in September 2012, 90 percent of the computer households subscribe to a broadband service.

Digital Omnivores

According to Mark Donovan, senior vice president at comScore, an explosion in mobile digital devices created “digital omnivores”, who use mobile to browse internet. Nielsen Research reported in May 2012 also revealed that 50.4 percent of U.S. consumers use smart phones as their mobile handset. These digital omnivores maintain internet access throughout the day. Similarly Pew Research also reported that the number of Americans owning digital tablet devices grew from 18 percent to an amazing 29 percent in the one-month period from December 2011 to January 2012. So business owners can target local digital omnivores are targets for location-based business promotions. Small business such as restaurants or retail promotions may target these digital omnivores to produce quick results. According to Yusuf Mehdi of Microsoft, 70 percent of mobile searches result in consumer action within one hour.

Customized Advertising and Promotions

The growth in digital content and the emergence of digital omnivores created real opportunities to shift from high-cost, mass market to low-cost targeted advertising and promotions. The introduction of specialized programs on cable TV also offered excellent promotion opportunities for small business promotion. Branding, which was formerly the playground of big business with huge mass-advertising budgets, is now possible for small businesses also. By adopting digital marketing techniques, small business owners can also engage their customers in two-way communication. This two-way communication allows business owners to customize their branding messages and promotional offers to meet the objectives of the business.

Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing is well suited for the promotion of small businesses. It is possible to target audiences with greater accuracy and at lower costs with the help of digital marketing technology. Digital marketing uses different tools such as website, content marketing, online advertising, online and offline public relations and presence in social media. These digital marketing tools and techniques help a lot to businesses to build their own brand and offer promotions.

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