Best Social Media Tips & Tricks for 2015

You might have experienced the effect of social media in promoting your business online during the year 2014. Most probably you got engaged few of the new followers on social media accounts or even lost some followers. Other wise the superiors was not convinced with the time spent on social media to promote the business.

What ever may be the experience with social media, a new year 2015 started and it means fresh start on social media. We advise you to re-evaluate, adjust and start posting on social media in this new and fresh year.  Remember that the first few weeks or months of the year will make the rest of it much easier on social media. Understanding the importance of social media, we have discussed about social media tips to make you profitable on social media in the year 2015.

Social Media

Ditch the dead weight

It is the best time to look at all the social media accounts managing for your business promotion. It is the beginning of the year so do some cleaning up on social media. Verify the accounts on which you spent hours of time and tons of effort that is not working for you. Check the accounts that are neglected for months.  Find the dead weight and move to cleaning up of such accounts. It is always suggestible to shutter the accounts which are not working, because the only thing worse than not having a Facebook or Google+ page is having one that you never update. People move on to a more active competitor’s page, if they find your page or profile receiving any updates. So keep on updating the profile page on social media accounts regularly. It is must to revitalize the stagnant accounts following new approaches and strategies. Better close the accounts and focus on the ones that benefit you most, if you do not have the ideas, resources or desire to make things work.

Set better social media goals

Set better and more appropriate goals which makes the social media accounts visited by followers regularly. Remember that many businesses just update their accounts where they see fit without setting any social media goals. So set goals that you can actually achieve in the year 2015. These goals set should contribute or be aligned with the objectives of the business. Create a branded hash tag on Instagram to attract at least 10 user-generated photos per week using that hash tag. Such type of reasonable goal on Instagram may also contribute to broader goals, like increasing followers and user generated traffic towards the business brand or service. It is better to invest time and effort to set better goals this year, to increase the chances of success and to reach realistic expectations with the help of the team, executives.

Build a Twitter list

Build a Twitter list and follow it to receive missing news and information to stay on top of news and trends in this New Year. Does some research to find the biggest experts in the related field, the people that break the news and add them to your list, not the ones that repost it an hour later. And add a little calendar reminder to check your lists regularly. Find social media experts and news websites and add them in a list, so that you’re on top of new networks and techniques as they arrive on the site.

Update Social media profiles

Update the profile page with contact information to personnel interests and email address and phone number on all social media accounts and websites. Profile pages are the one we easily neglect. We rarely go back and update the dozens of fields that make up a profile. So fix some time and schedule to update all the fields that are out-of-date or just blank.

Social media education

Social media education is more important than ever. Most of us are not aware of simple tricks and techniques that are not yet wide spread but can have an impact on social media opportunities. It is must to explore up-to-date strategies and best practices delivered by subject matter experts and recognized thought leaders in the Social media. Social media accounts are useful to manage the business and to attract decent following by posting regularly to twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These accounts will direct the visitors or followers back to the online store or business website.

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