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Saroj Ads is a renowned full-fledged advertising agency in India specializing in all disciplines of advertising like Print, Television, Radio, Theatre, Outdoor Advertising to name a few. More of our disciplines in advertising are listed on the Services Page.

We housed all our disciplines together under one roof for the convenience of our clients so that they can choose the kind of advertising that befits their budget and marketing goals. Our advertising strategists advice our clients what suits them best. Saroj Ads is headquartered in Chennai with having branches in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi.

The effects of Print Advertising

Print Advertising is the most powerful and effective form of media advertising that lasts longer. The print media advertising comprises publishing of advertisements in newspapers and magazines, and printing of flyers, brochures, billboards and any ad that takes a printed format in ink. The print media ads can be referred to, glanced at, and read back umpteen times whenever the reader wishes to as the ads in newspapers & magazines, brochures, hoardings give room for unlimited time of exposure. For instance a newspaper or a magazine lying on a table can be viewed repeatedly at the readers’ own discretion. This increases the chances of your print ad imprinting in the minds of the readers as it would be viewed umpteen number of times, which in the course of time turn him into your customer.

Similarly your advertisements on hoardings or billboards placed at vantage points attracts a great number of travellers, commuters, pedestrians and can last for a specific time period that you decide on. Brochures and flyers which fall into the category of Print Advertising could be effectively designed with engaging content and cool pictures to attract your customers and consumers as it speaks a lot about your company, product or your services. Saroj Ads has created several print media ad campaigns winning consumers for our clientele and building brand images for their products and services.

The Power of Television Advertisement

Television Advertisement has long been considered the mass-media advertising format. It is effective only when it is telecast at the right time and on the right channel and popular programme. With the advent of digital video technology and the mushrooming of television channels and with the number of cable television operators appearing on the scene television advertising has become more popular. Different programmes like soap operas, talk shows, sports, news, cartoons, and movies on different channels have large audiences who can be targeted with powerful TV ads to attract the viewers.

You can go for a 15-sec to 20-sec to 60-sec length ad on primetime or a popular programme on Television. Scrolling ads or small ads screening on the top or bottom corners while the programme is running is also more popular. A television ad ought to repeat twice or thrice to impact the audiences with the ad message. But television ads should be prepared by professional admen to have a greater impact. Preparing a television ad is one thing. When to telecast and on what programme is another important factor.

Saroj Ads has over the years acquired the expertise in media planning and media designing. We at Saroj Ads plan and strategise on which channel and on what programme and on what time your TV Commercial should be screened; so that the largest number of viewers could notice your ad. We have successfully launched many a television ad campaigns that left a lasting impression on the audience’s mind. Take a look at our Portfolio Page to get insights into our television advertising campaigns.

The Jingling Radio Advertising

In an era where television has penetrated every home in the world radio hasn’t faded into oblivion. Radio is still popular across the world. It has its own charm. Radio ads are smart. Radio ads are as effective as television commercials and print media advertising. A good radio ad with a jingle engages the listeners in an entertaining way; music should be suitable to the mood of an ad; an effective message with a phone number at the end calls for an action from the listener. The advantages of radio ads are many. This should be placed on the right programme and the right station.

You have flexibility, selectivity, affordability, the reach and the choice of selective demographic listeners. Radio programmes are usually categorized aiming at youth, kids, women, men and families separately. If your ad is about kids’ products you have to choose the kids programme or women’s programme. Targeting the right kind of listeners will fetch you good results calling for an action from them. Repeating the ad also helps though some ads irritate upon repeating. Here the timing of repeat ads is important so that the listeners may not get irritated.

Saroj Ads has all the necessary expertise in producing radio ads that click with the listeners. Catchy jingles, effective messages, assertively pleasant voice-over, musically fine-tuned ads, and targeting the right kind of listeners on the right station has been the hallmark of our radio ad campaigns.

The Magic of Theatre Advertising

Theatre Advertising is one of the best media of advertisings where the audiences have no other choice but to watch the ad. No remote controls, no switching off the radio, no throwing aside the newspapers, audiences once inside the theatre ought to watch the ad. This is the magic of theatre advertising. Theatre offers distraction-free environment. No more disturbances.

In an age of television where channels are mushrooming day by day offering multiple choices in entertainment including movies in all languages, going to theatres is still in vogue today. Watching movies at theatres hasn’t faded out into oblivion. Similarly theatre advertising too has not lost its sheen or popularity amidst the TV Commercials boom. With multiplexes mushrooming theatre advertising picked up its momentum catching up with the trend. Theatre advertising to this day has remained the most powerful medium of advertising which impacts the audiences calling them for action.

Saroj Ads is the only ad agency in India where cinema advertising is well strategized for its clientele guaranteeing them the definite call for action from the moviegoers and audiences. Over the years, we have helped several small businesses to achieve their desired results through theatre advertising. Our quality of theatre ad is of highest standards with high definition images, catchy jingles, compelling content, soothing music, assertive voice-over and good sound that leave a lasting impression on the minds of the audiences in the theatre. Our slides too are of the best quality made in high definition genre retaining the sharpness and quality intact. Saroj Ads media planning department takes care of when to screen the ad, and on what movie, and which theatre the ad is to be screened. It calculates everything with single goal in mind that the audiences must be engaged to call for action.

Outdoor Advertising Impacting Products, Brands, Consumers

Outdoor Advertising is one of the best and the easiest way to reach your target audiences. Outdoor advertising is very flexible and can be placed at places one cannot expect. Outdoor advertising comprises of billboards or hoardings, banners, transit advertisements such as ads on moving vehicles like trucks, on the buses, inside the buses, and on bus tickets, rail tickets and many more transit points generate huge responses from the public. Your advertisements on hoardings or billboards at vantage points, primary arteries, major intersection points, subways, bus stations, airports, railway platforms, petrol bunks, and other busiest places has greater exposure attracting the large number of people.

Saroj Ads has architected several outdoor advertising campaigns for its numerous clients bringing their products into the high visibility range of the moving public. Our creative designs with cool images and compelling content hit the bull’s eye straight conveying the message to the consumers calling them to act upon. Outdoor advertising campaign architected by Saroj has the power to call consumers to action. Our outdoor advertising campaigns have pushed many a products off the shelves generating sales revenues for our clientele.

Saroj Ads is a full-fledged outdoor advertising agency serving its clientele by providing them the complete comprehensive marketing solutions that generate leads and sales revenues besides providing them the complete branding solutions for their products. Saroj takes pride in its diverse advertising campaigns that saw many an unknown or lesser known products hitting the limelight calling consumers to action and changing their buying perception.

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