Ad Film Making is a Powerful Tool in Advertising

Saroj Ads is a famous Ad Film Agency headquartered at Chennai. It has branches in Hyderabad, Delhi and Bangalore. Saroj Ads create Ad Films with powerful ideas to be pumped in. Our Ad Films increase the reputation of your company through an energetic, niche and magical corporate video which encapsulates your business and products on the whole.

An imagination will take you everywhere and this is the principle that our best creative minds at Saroj Ad Agency live by. We try to find the creative connect between products and the potential customers. Our team creates exciting concepts followed by an impactful story line that highlights the product Unique Selling Point.

Saroj Ads will handle all the required needs of your company. We also takes care everything in relation to shooting Ad Films such as pre-production and production efforts as part of the ad shoot, editing, motion graphics, SFX and VFX and post production works.

The soul of a film of any style, any format is its script. Taking into account your target, products, services, unique sales preposition and other selling points that give you an edge over your competitors Saroj Ad Agency will develop a powerful ad film that will bring you huge results in terms of profits. What is unique is the fact that our creative team knows sales and marketing to a great extent. Right from script writing to site selection, voice over, camera handling and video editing we provide perfect and full support at each stage of film making. We are a one-stop destination for various kinds of film related services and strive hard to make Ad films which can influence large number of people.

Ad Film Making

An effective film is dependent on various things such as vision, script, camera work etc. Saroj Ads clearly understand the clients’ vision and purpose behind making the movie and portray it in the best way possible. The Ad films which were made by us are clear and meaningful in order to serve the purpose of our clients. To provide maximum satisfaction to the clients Saroj Ad Agency look after all the aspects related to clients’ business.

While making an Ad film we underline on every detail which is required for making a good film. We pose focus on each stage of pre-production and post production to ensure that our clients get best service from Saroj Ads.

For providing conceptual and creative advertisement solutions Saroj Ad Agency have twenty five years of experience in advertisement and film production and handled lots of domestic and international brands and served with modern-day concepts with creative scripts.


You can make a Movie Promotion Companies hit with this process

 We all know that, movies are making huge revenue across the country and also across the globe now days. Do you know what is the main part of movie success is? it is none other than, promotion. Yes!  Film can do well at the box office without proper promotion. Even though it is Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan’s film promotion plays a vital role in marketing a business. That is why there are many Movie Promotion Companies in India. Even in a media meet, Shah Rukh Khan himself said that, every film including his too, need proper promotion. In Spite of having proper promotion and awareness among audiences, no film can survive at the box office. As the Bollywood film industry earns 100 crores in a single film, all these collections are made with major portion of promotional efforts. Delhi stands in number one position in movie making place, so there are huge number of Movie Promotion Companies in Delhi everywhere. There some star actors who won’t even attend any movie promotion events and media meets but, their films will surely blast the box office. But, only few stars might be of such type with their enormous fan following across the world such as, Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan and Amitabh Bachchan.

Movie Promotion Companies in Delhi, India

 India is the place with lot of diversities, many religions and traditions. One can be a small product starting from hair pin to aeroplane. No one can run even a small grocery store business without proper advertisement or without knowing about the company. As the small, medium and big businesses are growing like a mushroom, proportionally, Ad Agencies in India are also growing in the same way. There are some reputed ad agencies which made their mark in India. Depending upon your type of business and the target of audiences, you will be charged in Ad agencies. There are many, Ad Agencies in Delhi which plays pivotal role in taking up the challenging businesses upon their shoulders to promote them. Do not wander here and there and you have got no result, just logon to and post your ad and get outstanding range of results.


Film Production is an art of living

Film is the best example for art and creativity. Behind the making of every film, there will be a hidden story. Many filmmakers makes the film based on the real stories in order to create live atmosphere for the audiences based on their true stories. But, making a film is not an easy task, as it involves lot of risks and many responsibilities.  Everyone desires to be a star and they wanted to be recognized by everyone in the society. India is one of the developing countries in the world. As the population is growing day by day in India, most of the people are showing interest in Film Production Agencies in India.  For constructing a film, there involves wide range of permissions and starting from small camera to ultra high speed video sensors which records minute motions when the actors are acting, all these services are taken by the film production agencies. These agencies supports directors in everything aspect and ensures that everything is on perfect track.

Film is an art of living

Film Production Services in India plays a pivotal role in building a film with an out and out perfection. Film production services includes, digging every small info and prepares a big plan on it. When a film was finalized by a director, they dig all the necessary info which they need to make a film. Major risk is involves while selecting a perfect locations for the film making. Initially, these film production services provides deep presentation on their gathered info for film making and depending up on the budget of the film and locations they want to finalize.

We all know, Delhi is one of the major cities where the film era was raised and it is standing as one of the biggest support for the Indian cinema. According to the reputed search engine survey, there are whopping amount of artists who are interested to showcase their acting skills and mark their name as the top actors in Indian cinema. This is the main reason why there are many Film Production Companies in Delhi. Do you know, there are more number of small budget films which are released every year compared to big budgeted films. In the year 2015, around 150 cinemas were released from Bollywood. This explains the demand for the films. Do you want to make a film in low budget or high budget? Do you want to make your dream come true by making a film? Are you tired of finding a perfect film production companies and services which matches your likes and creativity? There is only one answer for all your questions, which is sarojads. We at sarojads will help to make your dream come true by making a film or an advertisement for your company or product. Just log on to and fulfill your dreams.


Media Planning and Buying

Media planning and Buying are the two important tasks of any media agency or advertising agency. Media planning and Buying activities of an advertising agency of media agency determines the combination of media, frequency of the advertisement or awareness campaign for an effective brand promotion at optimal price.

 Media Planning

Media planning deals with the selection of arena or space to promote a product in the open market. It deals with the selection of best combination of media for the public awareness program about a product. It improves the business by making the customer aware of the product. Media planning involves the techniques that influence the customer to use the product in a simple and smart way. So it is must for a manufacturer or business person to become a client of a media planning agency or advertising agency. The products manufactured as a part of business can be exhibited through media planning agencies to acquire the market. Media Planning not only deals with the selection of platform to make awareness about a product to the public, but also thinks about the time of campaigning also. The job of media planning agency is the selection of the best combination of media to exhibit or advertise a product before the public.

Media Planning

Media Planners

The team of professionals work in the Media Planning branch of an advertising agency will be called as Media Planners. They plans about the best media to run awareness campaigns and how many audience can be reached through which media, frequency  of the ads or awareness campaigns along with the investment cost of the media. Media Planners aims to meet the objectives of the marketing campaign.

Media Buying

Media buying deals with the procurement of space or media to promote the product at an optimal price and time. Media planning and Buying are the two important tasks of a media agency or advertising agency to be completed for an effective brand promotion.

Media Buyers

Media Buyers are different from Media Planners. Media Buyers thinks about station formats, pricing rates, demographics, geographic, and psychographics to meet the objectives of the awareness campaign of a product or service of their clients. They deal with the type of medium (radio, internet, TV, print); quality of the medium (to target audience, time of day for broadcast, etc.) along with how much time and space can be procured within the budget of the client. Media buyers work to purchase different media or platform both regionally or nationally within the budget allocated by the clients.

Media Planning & Buying at Saroj Ads

Saroj Ads is a media planning agency, got expertise in Media Planning and Buying from the past 25 years. The team of media planning and buying experts working with Saroj Ads got expertise to promote small firms within the budget of the client. Saroj Ads has a record of many small and micro firms benefitted with their media planning and buying strategies. Saroj Ads will first find the places from which the business originates. The experts of this ad agency categorize the customers to be reached. As a responsible media agency Saroj Ads look for the places of maximum business potential.


Ad Film Production a smart approach of Saroj Ad Agency

Advertisement is of different kinds. Advertisement is simply an announcement or publicity or promotion. Advertising makes a product best understood to audience before its purchase. Though there are different types of advertisement methods, ad film is an ultimate tool to yield business in short time. Ad film is an effective promoter that captures audiences’ attention. Any product can be exhibited virtually before the audience imagine and feel before its purchase.  Advertising a product through “ad films” plays key role to increase sales of goods, services, ideas and events in a big way. Ad film productions are meant to maximize the profit of a business in different modes. Ad films capture audience’s attention most effectively.

Ad Film Production Services

Saroj Ads, a leading Ad Film Agency, head quartered at Chennai with its branches spread around Hyderabad, Delhi and Bangalore, offers professional services for ad film production in a creative and convincing way. Saroj Ads takes responsibility to market different kinds and varieties of products representing the manufacturer in a respectful way.

Saroj Ad Agency acquired the reputation to promote various products from the past 25 years of promoted journey. Saroj Ads is an ultimate caretaker of its clients, while producing ad films. The team of Saroj Ads involves in the vision to launch passing through the stages of script, shoot and Ad Film Production works. Taking the responsibility, it targets different categories of audience with a creative view. Saroj Ads makes every effort to produce ad films in a fabulous way to result unique returns on any business.  Saroj Ad Agency has got all the skills to best film and presents your product before the audience of different categories.

Saroj Ads Agency has the zeal to grow with its clients. It aims to produce multifaceted benefits to the clients on setting brand image through its aesthetic views. Your ad film will go viral on television channels, net, YouTube and several other media networks from its Film Production House. Reach Saroj Ads to reach your goals in a creative and smart way through ad films.

Contact Saroj Ad Film Director at +91 44 24464 122 / 383 and +91 44 4217 0484.


The Art of Advertising-Saroj Ads Blog

Advertising is a creative, conceptualized work of bringing ideas and forming a meaning to a brand. In the modern world everyone is influenced to some degree by advertising and various forms of promotion. An advertisement projects nothing else but the truth. Their entire responsibility focuses to produce a clear distinctive meaning to value up the brand and its product to the audience.

Advertising Agency in Tamilnadu executives are reaching their target markets via multiple media options that create an effect in the audience mind to think, judge, and buy the concerned product.  In the process of advertising and marketing a brand communication works an important role. Effective communication decides the value and potentiality of a brand. It provides a vast enlightened of offering product to users by identifying the accurate audiences and their characteristics.It supports designing the message that to be presented to consumers.



Creative imagination enables an agency to develop the best advertisements which helps the advertisers to capture larger market attention. The creative impulse is an imaginative, persuasive expression of the selling strategy and the character building of a brand. Relationship between advertising agency and marketers is vital as it solely focuses on creating a brand that can provide multiple services to the consumers.

Apart from the original modes of advertising in media like TV, Radio, Print, new services are continually springing up in competition with advertising agencies. Each new service is designed to serve clients needs a little differently. This process has impacted agency structure and its way of functioning. A lot of innovative forms of advertisements are produced such as gaming, mobile, and other interactive services. In this context digital media has aroused a lot in the market. Making the world a global village it has turned the needs and want of consumer broadening the section of advertising as well.

The art of advertising now believe in adding various transitions in their services to be more responsive towards client’s needs. A full service agency works on many aspects of a client’s marketing problems: strategy, creative aspect, media planning and related campaigns.



Here is how an advertising agency in India makes an ad

No company or an big reputed organisation can hype their market standards without promoting which can be done by the advertising agencies in India. According to me even a very small grocery store cannot make their business, without getting noticed by everyone. Have your observed? even a small house owner intimates to his neighbours and the known people to fill their vacant houses. This is also a kind of advertising so, do you understand, what are the big benefits of advertising? If your answer is no, then let me explain you the main deeds of advertising agencies. For example let us consider a Advertising Agency in Delhi, they will first take all the requirements of the client, for example if the client’s product is a toothpaste, and the company wants to promote it wide range, then the ad agency first gathers its staff and announces about the inputs and then initiates the strategy of making an ad.

Advertising Agencies in India

As the ad is for tooth paste, ad agency chooses a kid and mother as the suitable actors to start the ad. Because, toothpaste is the kind of product which is used by everyone daily. So, basically it’s a known fact that, kids doesn’t maintain any restrictions in their food habits so, almost kids who are less than 12 years, their teeth will be decayed. So, kids are perfectly apt to this ad and mother is the pivotal role in this ad because she has to find the decayed teeth of her son and she has to consult the doctor and then doc suggests the client’s toothpaste. This is the main theme of this ad. Even many advertising agencies in Delhi follows the same type of traditional methods for their clients advertisements. Finally, ad agency executes the final plan. This involves shooting of the entire advertisement with these three characters, doctor, kid and mother. Adding the perfect dialogues and background music will stand major part of advertisement’s success.

Starting from very small advertising agency in india to top most one, almost all the ad agencies tends to follow some basic traditional methods such as promoting through newspapers and pamphlets. Are you looking to make advertisement of your company that too in unique way? Desiring to have all the public’s eyes on your ad? want to make your company’s unique mark in the current trending market? for all these questions, there is only one perfect answer – it is Sarojads. We at Sarojads have hands on experience of 26 years and we can understand your better than any other. Just log on to and fulfill your dreams with us.


Know what is the power of Ad Agency

Advertisement plays a pivotal role in any company in order to face today’s competitive world. This is when ad agency comes into the picture. Just consider an Ad Agency in Bangalore, if a company or an reputed organization has given its new product or an input to an ad agency then, it enables all its promotional strategies and other techniques, in order to take wide range of attention on that particular product in public. Not only in Bangalore but, Ad Agency in Delhi also undergoes same process to meet the quality standards of a company. Let me explain one of my friend’s personal experience with an ad agency. During the time while I was pursuing my graduation, one of my friends Rahul started a company in Bangalore, which markets latest and trendy leather belts. But, as soon as he began the company, within a few months, he faced huge loss due to non turnover of existing goods.

Know what is the power of Ad Agency

Know what is the power of Ad Agency

The reason known was, due to no publicity in the market. Most of the businesses fails due to lack of awareness among the public. After that, he slowly stopped investing huge amount of money on his company. Later another friend suggested him to promote his company and get huge attention of audiences. He soon got the details of Ad Agencies in Bangalore and finally he found one. Later he paid quite good amount of money to that ad agency and he made a deal with it as to take 1% of profit when it reaches well in public. As the time passed, that ad agency is leaving no stone unturned to make his company reach the public in a very wide range and finally succeeded it. Now, my friend is in the top ten list of famous business people. So, now have you understood about the power of advertising?

As the time and trend is evolving day by day, all are looking for Ad Agency in India. So that they can double their profits by creating huge awareness about their respective companies. If you want to post an ad? don’t wander here and there and waste your time. Just log on to and bag exclusive deals.


What exactly does a creative Ad Agency do?

Creative ad agencies provide innovative solutions for your products and they help you to fetch profits. These advertisements can be printed, radio commercials or posters etc. These types of agencies can help in various ways. Advertising agency in India provide the services in the most innovative manner and they are specifically made very attractive to catch the attention of the readers/customers. Creative ads can be done to hold the interest of the reader and makes him to buy the product. Every business firm/ad agency, who wishes to advertise products, can hire such a Creative Ad Agency in Delhi. The professional employees target your products and they will make the advertisements on the same lines that the clients has specified.

What exactly does a creative Ad Agency

             What exactly does a creative Ad Agency

It is very important to select the right Creative Ad Agency in India to gain the maximum response from the audience. Creative advertising plays a key role in business promotion. Television commercials are a very popular method of advertisements and many Advertising agencies in India choose this method since it is one of the best ways to promote a product. Creative Ad Agencies help to advertise a product because it helps to gain the attention of audience through ads, innovative strategies.

What are the activities done by Creative Ad Agency?

The answer is, they will follow the creative and innovative strategies to promote a product in the market. If the idea is good, the product will get the attention of the audience and celebrities who are very popular, are asked to endorse big brands to create brand loyalty. The product description or ad must be very short and exact. If the advertisements are popular, the sale of the product will be increased immediately. Creative Ad Agencies in Chennai follows the best advertising methods and techniques to reach the consumer easily. They will use advanced technology, techniques and ideas to communicate with the people and they create an awareness message about the product.

Creative Ad Agencies in Bangalore frequently work to develop and implement the ideas and their creative process forms the most crucial part of the advertising process. Saroj Ads is one of the top Advertising Agencies in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi that offers the different types of creative ideas for business promotions at affordable cost for the benefit of all scales of businesses. Joining hands with our Advertising Agency is one of the best options to business owners to reach the objectives of the business at affordable budgets.


Here is what Film Production Agencies in India does

It’s a known fact that, everyone likes to be a star. Being a star actor, one will have a wide range of benefits which are huge fan following and wide range of identification by the public everywhere. All these will make you to feel honored. Do you know making of films is done by the many Film Production Agencies in India which involves the making of films, casts remuneration and everything. As entire film industry has been divided into four types which is Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood. We all know that Hollywood movies will be made with amazing actors with a whooping budget by the different film agencies which have experience in making.

Here is what Film Production Agencies in India does

After Hollywood, Bollywood is considered as the one of the highest money maker industry in India. Even Bollywood movies gets wide range of response across the globe. Delhi is not only the capital city of India but it also acts as a hub for making of films. That is why there are many Film Production Agencies in Delhi which has made several films till now and also accepts wide variety of films for Bollywood. Film production agencies not only just make the films but also recruits people in the suitable different specializations who are interested in it. Now a days, everyone dreams to be fame and wants to get noticed by everyone, there are many film production companies and agencies which recruits different category of suitable people to make the work more effective in their field.

There are huge number of Film Production Services in Delhi which involves making of films and supporting the producers by supporting financially and assisting them. Do you know when a big budget films are made, not only a single producer will bankroll the entire film. He will be surely supported by some other production companies. That is why such mega projects will be made under multiple banners and on by the hands of many producers.