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It’s all about moving with the times and the technology. Best Ad Agency Saroj Ads has over the years marked its presence in the world of advertising, branding, public relations and digital marketing which is the key strengths of Saroj Ads.

An ad agency provides services to its clients on selling propositions, or advises its clients on how to attract the customers to the products of their clients, or how to lure the consumers with teaser ads prepared with hard facts and creativity blending together. An ad agency in fact handles marketing strategies and logistics for its clients.

Ad Agencies aim at consumers and lure them to buy this product or that product with ad films, television advertising, radio advertising, print media campaign, online advertising, mobile advertising, marketing analyses, promotional strategies, billboards, hoardings, graphic designs, event management, public relations, brand management, and strategy development and so on.

We at Saroj Ad agency  provide quality services blending creativity into marketing strategies to provide a fair market share for your business, thereby help our clients to find a strong foothold for our clients’ products or brands in the market. Not only do we create a niche for our clients’ products or brands in the market. We effectively multitask to push your brands into the market with powerful ideas capturing the imagination of your customers or consumers. We thus connect your products with the consumers. This is our motto. This is our secret of success. Our work, our commitment, our passion to excel in all we do and hit the bull’s eye at the right time with the right content has been our forte indeed.

Best Ad Agency

The services Saroj Ads Best Ad Agency provides include Brochures, Creatives, TV Commercials, Outdoors, Print Media, Radio Advertising, Logos, and everything in digital advertising which include websites developing, graphic designing, logo designing, e-commerce sites and so on.

Saroj Ad agency specializes in making effective TV Commercials that instantly connect your product with the viewers leaving on them a deep impact and stirring them into buying your product. This has been our forte and strength.

Other advertising services from Saroj Ad agency include Films Production, Creatives, Graphic Design, Print TV/Theater, Professional Photography, Digital Marketing Services, Brand Positioning & Strategy Development, Media Design and Buying, Customer Acquisition Marketing, Event Management, Channels of Distribution Strategy, Customer Retention Marketing, Marketing Analysis and Promotional Strategy, Public Relations, Movie Boosterz, Online Newspaper Advertising and so on. All these services when we provide equally influence the customers in a compelling way.

Come to Saroj Ads  Best Ad Agency. Take a look at our portfolio and you will know what we mean and when we mean it. We do it. In a way that fetches you immense benefits. Contact any of our branches :  Saroj Ads in Chennai, Saroj ads in Bangalore, Saroj Ads in New Delhi, Saroj Ads in Hyderabad.


The history of television ads

A television advertisement consists of brief advertising spots of 10-second spot, 20-second spot to several minutes. The ads that last several minutes are called infomercials. Advertising has seen the transition from advertisements on papyrus leaves in ancient Greece and ancient Rome to the ads on walls through rock paintings in ancient Asia, Africa or other parts of the world dates back to 4000 BC. With the invention of paper in 105 AD, the advertisement has shifted its base to paper. And from paper to hoardings to print media to television ads it has been a long journey for the world of advertisement.

In fact without advertising you cannot even sell a hairpin, a pencil or a needle. Such is the power of advertisement and its influence on human minds. The more the ad is powerful, the more the ad leaves a deep impact on human minds calling him into action. A successful ad should change the buying profile of the consumers and compel them buy the one that the ad suggests.

tv commercials

Television ads leave a deep impact on the audiences changing their buying profile and tastes. When television was in its nascent stage in the early 1930s, it foresaw the advent of television ads and its deep impact on the viewers. Not until 1941, the first commercial was telecast on American TV. It was a simple television commercial that was aired on July 1st 1941 over New York station WNBC. It was telecast before a baseball game between Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies. The ad ran like this. A picture of a clock was placed on a US map and the voiceover said, “America runs on Bulova time.” This 10-second spot which cost the watch company some $4 to $9 was an instantaneous hit with the viewers. Likewise the first television ad was broadcast in UK on 22nd September 1955 over ITV. The ad was Gibbs SR Toothpaste. While the first television ad in Asia was broadcast in Tokyo on August 28th 1953. The commercial was Seiko (then Seikosha), a clock that displayed the current time in the commercial.

Ever since, the television advertising has never looked back. Television advertising has become the mainstay of the business world. They clung to it to sell their products and services. Lots of creativity has flown under the waters since then. With television advertising companies mushrooming around the world, there is not a home which is not spared of commercial ads. Such is the popularity of commercial ads on television. Today, television advertisement is a trillion dollar business around the world.



Utilization of Information in advertising

Information is power. Without information the world does not exist. Information comes in varied forms like news, opinions, interviews, text, videos, written communiqué or spoken word. In fact, the world is encapsulated in information. Which is why, Frederick Forsyth, the famous bestselling internationally reputed author says in one of his books that Information is power. Having information is far better than having weapons and deploying that power at a right place, right time and in the right amount would win the war. He is absolutely right. Advertising agencies which uses information as effectively as they could and in a correct and effective manner are sure-shot winners.


Advertising Agency in Bangalore is of various kinds. And every advertising format uses information as effectively as it could. To dig into the information, lot of research has to go into it. And making the best of that information into powerful copy is an altogether a different art. A powerful copy should call consumers into action rather than feeling that the ad’s copy is simply the best. The ad copy should be fair and honest in describing the product and it should be made in a convincing manner. If the ad copy is powerful and effective quite complementing the image in the advertisement, only then the print media campaign becomes successful.

Well, coming to advertising, print media plays equally responsible role in ad campaigns. Print media consists of newspapers, magazines, and journals and works effectively as advertising campaign. Advertisements in print media stay longer than the TV commercials and radio spots as they are booked on the basis of a 10-second, 20-second, and 30-second or 2-minute slot. Ads in print media stay longer and allow the readers go through the ad a number of times.

The ads in newspapers, magazines, and journals reach the customers in an effective way. The print media ad campaign is also economical and cheaper than comparatively television ads and radio spots. Still radio spots and television ads are for one time booking. Several big-time ads published in the print media have made it big in the brand world. Such flexibility and adaptability of the newspapers, magazines and journals makes the ad campaigners to choose exactly the right print media for their brand or products.

Saroj Ads, one the best ad agencies in India, having branches in Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and New Delhi has handled several print media campaigns effectively that yielded tremendous results for the products and the brands, which ultimately saw the smiles on the faces of their clients.



What is advertising campaign? Tips for effective ad campaign

Do you own a business. No matter what is its magnitude. It requires advertising to reach its objectives, to acquire the attention of the targeted customers. It is possible to reach a large number of targeted audiences through an advertising campaign. An advertising campaign found to help a lot in reaching a large number of targeted audiences. The advertising campaign is the advanced method of advertising. Since advertising campaign is known as an advanced method of advertising. Let us start to know what is advertising and what are the advanced methods of advertising to end with the advertising campaign and tips for an effective advertising campaign which are the objectives of this article.

advertising campaign


Advertising or traditional advertising is a marketing communication made to acquire the attention of the targeted audience or consumers. Since the traditional advertising proved to reach more number of targeted audiences, advanced methods of advertising found to be more promising to reach the objectives of a business within the specified interval of time. Similar to any field related to business, advertising also adopted new technologies to reach more people and  referred as online advertising.

Online advertising

Online advertising can be known as the advanced method of advertising. Since advertising is a form of communication made through traditional media to gain the attention of the targeted audience. The online advertising uses internet to communicate the promotional content to get the attention of the targeted audience. It includes email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing along with many types of display advertising such as web banner advertising and mobile advertising. What ever may be the form of advertising either traditional or advanced, it is nothing but communicating a message about the product or service. As the distinction between traditional advertising and online advertising has been discussed. Next is advertising campaign or ad campaign, which is an another advancement in advertising. An ad campaign differs to have a theme and time frame from traditional advertising or online advertising. So let us go forward to know advertising campaign and tips for an effective ad campaign.

Advertising campaign

Since the word, campaign, refers to a series of operations done in an organized way to achieve a goal. An ad campaign or advertising campaign is also a series of advertisement messages communicated to share a single idea and theme of the business which make up an integrated marketing communication (IMC). More briefly, an advertising campaign is a series of marketing communications or advertisements that provide promotional messages with a theme for  a specific interval of time. As the theme and time frame are the two qualities of an ad campaign that makes it different from all other forms of advertising. Determination of a theme for the advertising campaign is the critical part in ad campaigns. The theme is expected to set a tone for the individual advertisement. The theme of an ad campaign is nothing but the central message that will be communicated in the promotional activities. The campaign themes are usually developed with an intention to run an ad campaign for a specified period of time. But many of the ad campaigns are found to be short-lived or run for short durations due to the factors such as  ineffective theme or fluctuating market conditions and / or competition in the marketplace and marketing mix. So let us discuss about tips for an effective ad campaign.

Tips for effective ad campaign

Since the main objective of the advertising or ad campaign is to gain the attention of the targeted audience. Few of the important tips to run an ad campaign effectively are shown below.

  • Identify the targeted audience and design the ads to attract them or to gain their attention.
  • Concentrate to show all the benefits of the product through an ad or through a series of ads.
  • Focus to get the maximum exposure of the image you have or create an image for the firm or business, if you don’t have already and get  required exposure.
  • Spend money on the ad campaign to earn money in return, there should not be any constraint to invest money on it to reach its objectives.
  • Do some research to find the right place or space of interest of the targeted audience and advertise in the right place only
  • Prepare a budget plan to run an ad campaign most effectively.
  • Run an ad campaign through all channels that expected to reach a more targeted audience
  • Concentrate to attract the targeted audience only, if you are the owner of a small business. Since no product gets the attention of all the audience.
  • Review the results of the ad campaign to know whether it is reaching the targeted people or not.
  • Monitor the status of the ad campaign by asking new customers about your ads and interesting things in your advertisements.


Importance of Radio and TV in today’s advertising media

Most of the business entrepreneurs believe that advertising on TV and Radio is beyond price range. But the fact is, advertising on local stations is an affordable one. Though the price range of national TV advertising is beyond the entrepreneur’s budgets, cost of advertising on cable television is affordable. It is important to remember by small-business owners that advertising on TV and radio generates more customers than any other type of advertising campaign. The key is to have a clear understanding of the market.

advertising media

With proper planning small-business owners can approach broadcast advertising media for business promotion. It is also important to know more about media before reaching the broadcasting agency, and the only way for you to know about media is talking to a lot of people such as representatives from TV and radio stations, other business owners and your customers. Before going to understand the importance of Radio and TV in today’s advertising media, let us first know a few details about advertising on Radio and TV.

Advertising on Radio

Radio Advertising started from the year 1920, when so many non-profit organizations established their own radio stations including schools, clubs and civic groups. People were allowed to sponsor programs on Radio channels, whose business details will be mentioned at the beginning and at the end of the sponsored shows in exchange. Later Radio station owners allocated short duration of time to mention the business details of the person for an amount of money, when they realized that they could earn more money by selling the sponsorship rights in small time allocations, rather than selling the sponsorship rights to single business per show. This method led to increase the competition among the sponsoring persons to purchase the small intervals of time during a show on Radio channels. However, advertising on Radio stations helped the business owners to get maximum exposure to their business, as there was no other media to influence the people like Radio. Though, the Radio broadcasting technology faced competition from other media such as Television. Advertising on Radio remained a good option for the small business owners.

Advertising on Television

The trend of advertising has changed after the invention of the Television.  Business owners started advertising on commercial television platforms in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The DuMont Television Network started the practice of selling advertisement time to multiple sponsors in the early 1950s. The ‘DuMont Television Network’ began selling smaller blocks of advertising time to several businesses to compensate the production cost of different programs shown on it. This eventually became the standard for the commercial television industry in the United States. This method led the business sponsors to get control over the content of the show. The sponsors got the control over Television Networks in such a way to write the show. Though advertising on Television became expensive due to increasing competition among the business owners. It remained as a better option for business owners.

Advertising on Radio or Television Networks is a best option for the small business owners also due to the competition between different Radio and Television Networks established in the last decade.

Though, there are different methods available to promote a business and practice advertising. TV and Radio became the two options that a small business owner having proper knowledge about them can practice advertising through them.


How Print Advertising Agencies in India plays vital role in any business development?

Nowadays, establishing a company has became easy but promoting it and making the customers to have a look on the company and its product is the toughest task hence, nowadays, no company or the organizations are taking the risk of promoting it. They are just consulting the advertising agencies to promote their companies, brands and products. Among them, Print Advertising Agencies in India plays a major role in promoting the brand of a company to a wider extent. Have you ever observed the advertisements which looks more colorful will attract us more. As the technology is taking new shades everyday, there are advertising companies which comes with innovative ideas for the promotional purposes of their clients companies. As we all know, the first impression is the best impression, previously, a Print Advertising Agencies in Bangalore has started advertising a company in a pamphlets with attractive looks such as colorful borders and eyeball grabbing designs which hypes the curiosity of the reader to read the content inside the pamphlet.

Print Advertising Services in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, India.

Have you heard about social media promotions ever? if you have observed the sides of your social networking accounts, you can see too many ads which ensures you about the new releases (products or items) of the company. This is called social media advertising and in many areas like Metropolitan cities based on social media, many businesses are running and developing their era’s in wide manner. As Delhi is our capital city, we can get small product starting from hairpin to aeroplane over there. As I told you previously, every business needs promotion for its development, there are whooping amount of Print Advertising Agencies in Delhi. Depending up on the requirement of the client and company, each advertising agency draws a rough sketch and later takes various ideas from their creative designers and finally prepares a perfect sketch of final plan and then they executed it.

Even after making a perfect sketch, each advertising agency cross check their plans which are to be implemented as the final output to the customers. As their promotional strategies should increase their client companies business results, each advertising or print advertising agency will make sure that, their final sketch should bring maximum number of customers to their ad techniques which directly gives results to their client companies. Do you want to make an exclusive ad with awesome eyeballs grabbing appearances? don’t wander here and there and fall in trap. Just logon to and make your dreams come true with us.


Different types of Advertising Techniques

Before going to know about different types of advertising techniques, it is must for us to know what is advertising. Since advertising is defined as a form of marketing communication used to acquire the attention of consumers. It is required to promote a product or service offered in a business.

Advertising Methods

History of advertising

The history of advertising dates back to 3000 BC, when Egyptians used papyrus to make sales messages and wall posters. Later the method of advertising changed its way from using papyrus to communicate the messages. Thomas J. Barratt, from London has been called “the father of modern advertising”. Barratt created an effective advertising campaign for the products of Pears Soap Company, which involved the use of targeted slogans, images and phrases. One of the Barratt slogans is, “Good morning, Have you used Pears soap?” which became popular during the 19th century. Barratt used different tactics to associate the Pears brand with high culture and quality. Similarly, advertising was practiced using different tactics during the early 20th century. Advertising increased dramatically in the United States due to industrialization that expanded the supply of manufactured products. Industries recruited workers as consumers of factory products in order to profit from this higher rate of production. It did so through the invention of mass marketing designed to influence the population’s economic behaviour on a larger scale.  Advertisers in the United States of America have adopted the doctrine that human instincts could be targeted and harnessed into the desire to purchase commodities. Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud, is often considered as the founder of modern advertising as he associated with such type of advertising method during 1910′s and 1920′s. Later the psychologists Walter D. Scott and John B. Watson contributed applied psychological theory to the field of advertising after Bernays. The first radio stations were established by radio equipment manufacturers and retailers who offered programs in order to sell more radios to consumers during 1920′s. After that advertising techniques changed to use Television technology, the Internet and mobile technology.  We can observe advertising has always required a medium to communicate the message irrespective purpose.

Types of advertising

There are different types of advertising methods and techniques. It is good to remember that advertising is widely used for commercial use than for social cause since its origin. As advertising requires a medium or media, commercial advertising media include wall paintings, billboards, street furniture components, printed flyers and rack cards, radio, cinema and television adverts, web banners, mobile telephone screens, shopping carts, web popups, skywriting, bus stop benches, human billboards and forehead advertising, magazines, newspapers, town criers, sides of buses, banners attached to or sides of airplanes (“logojets”), in-flight advertisements on seatback tray tables or overhead storage bins, taxicab doors, roof mounts and passenger screens, musical stage shows, subway platforms and trains, elastic bands on disposable diapers, doors of bathroom stalls, stickers on apples in supermarkets, shopping cart handles (grabertising), the opening section of streaming audio and video, posters, and the backs of event tickets and supermarket receipts. Different techniques involved in advertising include Television advertising / Music in advertising, Infomercials, Radio advertising, online advertising, Domain name advertising, new media. Similarly, different techniques used in advertising commercial products include covert advertising, Press advertising, Billboard advertising, Mobile billboard advertising, In-store advertising, Coffee cup advertising, Street advertising, Sheltered outdoor advertising, Celebrity branding, customer-generated advertising and Aerial advertising.


Add Value To Your Product Through Advertising Agencies

Advertising a product and the promotions ​are changed these days and advertising agencies in India are following the latest promotions ​techniques ​to create ​awareness about ​a​ product. In other words, Advertising means promoting the value of a brand. It is not an easy thing to promote a product in the market and to gain the attention of the audience. Advertising Agency In Hyderabad will make this happen through their advertisement techniques. These agencies will follow two major mediums for advertising, offline and online mediums. Usually,​ the online medium means advertising through the internet and traditional medium means advertisement through TV, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Now, Ad Agencies in Bangalore plays a key role in the brand promotion and they will help to create ​a ​brand awareness about ​a product in the market. Online ad agencies use various tools like search engine optimization, banner ads, blog marketing, e-mail marketing for brand promotion. Therefore, you need to team up with ​the ​online advertising agencies in Vijayawada for better results. It is very important to select ​a correct creative Ad Agency In India​ in order​ to increase the maximum response from the audience. Mainly, advertising agencies in India choose Television commercials​, which is one of the best ways to promote a product. Ad Agencies try to advertise a product through ads and innovative strategies, because they help to gain the attention of audience. Advertising always carry a positive message about ​a product/services.

Advertising Agencies

Your product will get the attention of the audience, if it is promoted in a creative way. Endorsing a product with the celebrities who are very popular ​,​ will be added an advantage. But, the ad must be very short and product description must be exact. If a product gets noticed in the market, the sale of the product will be increased immediately. Advertising agency in Hyderabad follows the best advertising methods and techniques to reach the consumer effortlessly. They will use advanced techniques, technology and ideas to interact with the people and they will create an awareness message about the product.

Saroj Ads is one of the top Advertising Agencies In Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai And Delhi ​, who​ frequently works to implement those creative ideas and work to develop the brand of your product. We offer the different types of creative ideas for business promotions at reasonable prices. We have been designing niche markets for several clients with its effective ad campaigns. Our professional and dedicated team brings tremendous results for the products and brands, which ultimately saw the smiles on the faces of our clients.


Role of Advertising in Business Promotion.

Advertising plays key role in the business promotion to increase sales for a product, service, idea or event. It maximizes the profits on a business product or service through customer attention in different ways. It can be defined in several ways. But the best suit definition of the advertising is “a non personnel communication of information usually displayed or provided with an aim to create awareness on a service or product to influence the strategy of the targeted audience”.

It remained as an important component in business promotion of a firm or agency even in the era of online communications and digital technology, either it is big or small. The person whose objectives are met through advertising is known as an advertiser. There are different types of methods discovered and developed to meet the objectives of the advertiser (client or manufacturer or investor). It can be done some times by an ad agency to promote a business service on behalf of a client. Cave paintings in some way represented advertising in ancient days. Advertising done by Egyptians on papyrus can be recognized as the earliest version of it. Advertiser is different from advertising agency, because he is the key person who invests on an advertisement to reach his aim of business.

Different types of advertising methods can be listed as Print, Guerrilla, Broadcast, Outdoor, Public Service, Product Placement, Cell Phone or Mobile and Online Advertising (aka Digital) etc. Advertising can be done through advertisements.

advertising agency


An advertisement can be defined as a written statement or a multimedia message (audio, video or audio –video content or a graphic image etc) communicated to attract the attention of the public on something related to them. For example commercial advertisements are played to attract the attention of the customer towards the audio or video or multimedia content on a product or service to influence his purchase strategy or his view on a product or service.

Advertising will influence the business in different ways. Advertising time, space, duration and its content plays major role in the promotion of a business. Advertising is a best choice to earn maximum profits for a long time on a product or service within short interval of time after its launch in the open market.

Saroj Ads is an advertising agency that adopted cutting edge technology of multimedia, digital technology and online communication technology along with all sorts of advertising technologies to promote a business service or product in the markets in and around India. Saroj Ads got the expertise to promote any business through different business promotion services. Some of the business promotion services of Saroj Ads include Ad Films Production, Graphic Designing, Print, TV and Theatre, Professional Photography, Customer Acquisition Marketing, Event Management, Customer Retention Marketing and Public Relations etc.


This is how Ad agency plays vital role in the business development!

Population across the globe is rapidly increasing day by day. This is tending to increase the new business organizations from the public in order to survive. When a company or any organization desires to expand their business era, the main concept which comes into light is advertisement. Yes! advertisement plays a vital role in promoting business and earn more profits. Let’s consider an Ad Agency in India, where it takes up a company’s promotional job and promotes it in such a way that, the particular company grabs huge audiences attention which is required to gain huge profits. Hence, an ad agency plays a vital role in promoting any business. It’s a known fact to everyone that, a metropolitan city can fulfil the basic and major necessities of public. India has many major metro cities, like Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore is important in one among them. Hence, there are many advertising agencies in Karnataka. When a town transfers from a big city and converted into a metropolitan city, public who are living in those cities wanted to mark their presence by expanding or establishing their new business.

This is how Ad agency plays vital role in the business development!

This is how Ad agency plays vital role in the business development!

This requires stuff like promotion and other basic techniques which can aware the public about their businesses. It’s a known fact that, one can know about you and your business, only when you have proper identity and recognition in the society. All these will be provided by the advertising agencies where they can easily take your business to everyone’s notice by the special promotional and other activities. It’s a known fact that, the film industry was located in Chennai first. As, Chennai is well developed now by many industrialists and government, Film Production Companies in Chennai are also rapidly increasing there.