Customer Retention Marketing Strategies

Customer Retention is the Lifeline of any Product or Brand. For any business customer is king. He decides the fate of our business, product or service. Customer Acquisition is important. But customer retention is equally important. Having more and more new customers is one thing. But retaining these customers for repeat buying of our products is far more important. We have to build the customer loyalty to our products. Their loyalty to our brand or product or our service is the deciding factor for the success of our business. Customer retention has a direct impact on profitability. According to the research reports, retained customers generate nearly twice the revenue than new customers.

Once the customer is acquired, we have to build a strategy to retain this new customer for a lifetime of our business. His loyalty towards our product or services is crucial to our business. To retain a customer for a lifetime is not easy. It all depends on how you provide him the after-sales services. The customer retention is to give the customer more than he expects. The more you give the customer on your product the more he comes to buy the same again and again. The after-sales personalized services should exceed his expectations so that he becomes loyal to your product or brand for a lifetime.

Delivering high standards of customer service on a constant basis is the key to success to gain customer loyalty. Customers retained thus are an asset to the product or brand since they generate new customers in the neighborhood by word of mouth marketing. And this word-of-mouth campaigning is equally effective and a crucial factor in our advertising plans. Losing them or offending them with clumsy after-sales service is detrimental to the business interests.

Your Customer Retention Program should be continually updated keeping in mind the customers buying tastes and needs. Finally give your clients a quick courtesy call. Inform them of upcoming changes and provide some insightful recommendations and try to involve them in you scheme of things. This proactive personalized approach will bolster customer loyalty giving other customer retention aspects big boost in its approach.

Saroj Ads has been helping its clientele to retain the existing customers by providing them the services of Customer Retention Marketing strategies with much success. Our strategies of Customer Retention Marketing is based on each product’s profile and its brand image in the market and the customers’ buying profile and taste and their response to a particular product or brand. All these things and many more go into our research for Customer Retention Strategies.

Saroj Ads has, for the last 31 years, established several benchmarks in building brands for its numerous clients with innovative ad campaigns; bringing in new customers for their products through effective marketing strategies; and then building Customer Retention Services and programs for repeat buying has been the hallmark of Saroj Ads magnificent campaigns.

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