Marketing Analysis and Promotional Strategy Services

What is Promotional Strategy

Promotion is nothing but spreading the word about your product or a service to customers and in general to the vast public. Promotional Strategies involve several marketing aspects which include market analyses for your product or service, marketing trends, competitor product analyses, marketing logistics like what platform the marketing of your product should be based on… advertising, public relations strategies , pushing products through retail chains, through strategic distribution network and so on. So promotion and marketing go together and complement each other with advertising playing the major key role.

Once you’ve zeroed in on your target customers you will have a clear-cut idea to reach them but most businesses use a mix of advertising, direct selling, influencing other buyers through referrals, sales promotion via discounts, coupons and attractive gifts and public relations to promote their products or services.

What is Marketing Analysis

Marketing Analysis is the first step in charting out a marketing plan. The best marketing plan always focuses on customer needs. Why do customers need your products or service? What is the unique USP of your product or what specialty comprises your services. Where do you find customers for your products? How do you target them and reach out to them. What is the status of the rival product in the market? Is our product visible in the marketplace or simply buried from view amidst the rival products. In such a case how do you bring out your product into the limelight and push through into the competitive marketplace. These factors need to be taken into consideration in marketing analyses and strategizing promotional campaign.


A perfect analyses help create perfect marketing approaches in identifying customer behaviors which in turn help us to zero-in on potential customers. Once we have identified the potential customers for our products then targeting them via our successful marketing plans, strategies and logistics would be easy. Our marketing plans should also include how to elevate our product or service one notch above the competitors’ product.

Once we have captured the imagination of the consumers towards our products we need to turn these very customers into repeat buyers. Towards this end, we need to build strategies on customer-loyalty so that our customers stay loyal to our products. Our customer-loyalty strategies should include precision-based after-sales services if any. Offering them the discounts, special offers, and gift hampers from time to time. Keeping in touch with them via mailers and other means of communications helps a great deal in retaining their customer-loyalty.

Saroj Ads has for the last 31 years been doing these… identifying potential customers, connecting them to our clients’ products through effective means of marketing analyses, promotional strategies and innovative advertising campaigns that literally influences the buying profiles and tastes consumers at large. For more info on how Saroj Ads create a strong bond between customers and your products through effective ad campaigns contact.

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