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Saroj Ads – a Success Story

Over 30 years of Saroj helping companies reach their business and branding goals.

Saroj Ads stands tall as the finest and the most effective Ad Agency in the advertising world. Saroj Ads is committed to one thing: driving customers’ businesses to flourish by creating niche markets for their products and or services through multi-channels of advertising. For the last 31 years, Saroj Ads, the top Ad Agency in India has been in the business of creating brands for its clientele’s products and taking it right down to the consumers through effective advertising strategies that magnetically pull consumers to the products and brands that we breathe life into. Today, we had spread our wings to reach out to more clients across the nation to help our clientele connect to their consumers and create niche markets for them. As such, Saroj Ads has come up with an Advertising, Ad Agency in Chennai.

What Makes Us Click

Saroj Ads, which has its beginnings as a small Ad Agency in Chennai has today, grew into a top Ad Agency in India by virtue of its work culture. Work. Work. Work. Working with passion and commitment; Saroj Ads is teeming with people whose enthusiasm is never lost when it comes to work culture. We are a dedicated team of professionals having expertise in every segment of advertising; right from brand building to down to retail marketing to high-tech digital campaigning online.

We, at Saroj Ads, are committed to provide the best of the best services to our clientele – big or small, renowned or unknown – all our clients inspire us in equal measure to put in our best so that our clients benefit ultimately.

Our Approach

Our team of professionals loves brainstorming sessions with our clients to find out what their needs are; and what actually they are looking for in a volatile confusing market. Our creative team then huddles together, conceptualize the idea, strategize things and create logistics; and with dedication and commitment deliver the campaign that leaves a deep impact on the people – with results guaranteed. We meet deadlines delivering on time. And at an affordable cost.

Our Secret of Success

We integrate quality and innovativeness into marketing strategies and logistics to create a niche for our clients in a market where volatility and unpredictability rule the roost. Not only do we create a niche for our clients’ products or brands in the market, we help our clients sustain their foothold in the market by way of effective multi-tasking multi-channel advertising. We push our clients’ brand or its products into the market and then accelerate its momentum with powerful ideas capturing the imagination of the consumers; ultimately connecting them to our clients’ products and brands. This has been the secret of our success. Our work, our commitment, our passion to excel in all we do and hit the bull’s eye at the right time with the right content has been our forte indeed.

Our Host of Advertising Services

Our Services include creating TV Commercials, Brochures, Logos, Outdoors, Creatives, and everything in digital advertising right from websites developing, graphic designing, logo designing, e-commerce sites and so on. Our TV Commercials , though as short as 20-second spot, has everything in it; style and content. Our TV Commercials grab the attention of viewers leaving a deep impact on them and thereby changing their buying profile and taste. This has been our forte and strength. Our brochures, logos, outdoors and other creative works with engaging content and attractive designs equally influence the customers in a compelling way.

Who’s Who of Our Clients

Our clients’ list almost reads like who’s who in the world of business. Yes, our clients have been our pride; and we made them the envy of their competitors. The proud list of our clientele include the various LION brand products (Lion Dates, Lion Sharbath, Lion Honey, Lion Syrup, Lion Dates Jam), Sassy Homes, Chennai Silks, Jain Housing and Constructions, Innova, Blue Planet, Aliens Group, Ranka Aqua Greens, Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Thulsi in Theme, a cuisine restaurant, India Bulls, and the most popular movie website called I Luv and many more. Our clients are growing and so we are.

Saroj Ads Going Strong at 31

For the last 31 years, Saroj Ads has been doing what it was committed to do – help clients sell their products; and help connect consumers with the clients’ products, services and or brands through effective multi-pronged advertisement campaign.

Need our services? Wish to create a brand image to your unknown product? Not able to connect your products or services to your consumers? Welcome to Saroj Ads. Saroj Ads is the right place.