Customer Acquisition Marketing

Customer Acquisition Marketing (CAM) is the new buzzword these days. It is nothing but the process of fetching new customers to a particular brand, product or service. But it should be done with minimum investment and minimal effort of work. That’s the specialty of Customer Acquisition Marketing.

Saroj Ads has this expertise in Customer Acquisition Marketing. We first concentrate on acquisition. We do everything to capture the attention of your customer and bring him into our fold of acquisition. From offering a free trial or handing out free samples at key marketplaces, grocery stores and malls to planning big ad campaigns; our advertising methods are unique by themselves. They are designed to attract people to your products or brands in an effective way. With billboards, TV commercials , radio spots, cinema spots, ad films, print media, online campaigning, and with several other marketing techniques we strive to capture the imagination of your customers to your products. After acquiring new customers this is how we retain through our effective ad campaigns.

There are other things too that goes into capturing and retaining the customers. For instance, we measure the in-depth consumer behaviors and attitudes to find out in a more vivid manner of how consumers think; and what is their buying profile, tastes, behavioral lifestyle and attitudinal aspects to drive home our smart marketing strategies and culture in this multichannel multicultural world. Even online customers are not spared. We map their behavior on smart-phones, PCs, and tablets to deliver insights into their online marketing performances.

Customer acquisition marketing strategies also include the effective response to a new customer soon after their inquiry. This could be in many forms like personalized mailer, or a letter, brochure, or a telephone call. With these logistics we further the interest of the new customers towards your products or brands; and call for an action brining in a sales call.

Here persuasion plays the crucial role. Having grabbed the attention of the new consumers, Saroj Ads has the means and capabilities to retain their loyalty towards your product or brand by means of effective advertising, various methods of promotional campaign like on social media Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Flickr, Youtube, Instagram and mobile apps.

Please do get in touch with Saroj Ads Customer Acquisition Marketing team to find out more of her strategies and logistics in bringing new customers to your products and brands and further retain their loyalty to your products for a longer time.

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