Event Management Marketing

Gone are the days when events are managed by families themselves in a traditional manner. Marriages, birthdays, house-warming parties, special occasions of importance have all been managed by families themselves. But in this age of speed and techno-savvy mechanical life, people these days do not have time to organize such events including their own weddings. This is where the professionals have stepped in taking over the management of events.

Saroj Ads is the best in the business of Event Management. Saroj Ads has the best of brains backed by vast experience in all the disciplines of Event Management affairs. Planning and conceptualizing an event, strategizing, and organizing, creating logistics for an event. Let it be big or small, familial, homely or corporate or businesslike whatever it is… Saroj Ads does it in style and with élan tuning up the moods of the guests and hosts together, truly recreating the ambience that befits the occasion; all within the budgetary limits. With undying passion and dedication, executing an event to the last detail removing all the hitches and irritable thorns and making it into a memorable event that leaves a lasting impression on guests and hosts alike is the hallmark of Saroj Ads.


We plan and manage events in a meticulous way giving no room for errors, meeting deadlines, and delivering services on-time and at affordable costs are the specialty Saroj Ads. Whatever be an event. Celebrity management, corporate events, wedding planners, pre-wedding ceremonies, mall promotions, public relations, exhibitions, gala events, beauty pageants, live concerts, award ceremonies, music launches, movie launches, press conferences, fashion shows, sporting events and several theme-based events. You just have to name it. We do it. You just have to relax and watch us while we execute your event that befits your taste, style, honor and dignity. One never regrets having come to us and burdened us with their events.

Every event that Saroj Ads undertakes to execute becomes an unforgettable event in one’s life worth cherishing for ages to come. We do it from scratch to thrashing out things at clients’ meetings to budgeting to executing the event. With creativity abounding at every stage befitting the occasion; and finally culminating into a grand finale that put smiles on the faces of the hosts and guests alike. This puts Saroj Ads miles ahead of its competitors in the business of event management.

Planning an event? Worried how the event goes? Is the deadline fast approaching? Unable to carry on the event on your own? Need professional services? Get in touch please with the best in the industry… Saroj Ads is the right choice for you. For it makes you sit at home on your reclining chair in total relaxation and watch us in awe how we, at Saroj Ads execute your event making it a memorable event that leaves your guests and hosts in total awe and at peace.

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