What makes the consumers buy your product

How do you influence consumer behavior and change his purchasing perception? Ad agencies should first understand the consumer behavior to find out their purchase intentions. Then later adopt techniques to influence his behavior to buy a product that you wish him to buy. To achieve this, you can lure consumers with attractive payment terms like credit or cash discount terms. You can introduce a competition and announce gifts on your product. Or you can dangle before him discount coupons, gift hampers, or scratch cards as incentives to buy. Most of the consumers follow other consumers and are influenced by their purchasing decisions. Here word of mouth campaign plays a key role in luring consumers to your product. Create an ad that lingers still in the minds of consumers long after the ad died down. This lingering ad is enough to give the consumers enough fodder to take up the word of mouth campaign about your product. Word of mouth campaign is one chink in the arsenal of changing consumer behavior. There are several more.

Besides word of mouth campaign, consumers are also influenced by other consumer communities through social media. When a product is seen on the internet with comments analyzing the product, consumers easily fall in line to buy or inclined to buy that product. Realizing the powerful influence of social media, the marketers have hit the online designing attractive online campaigns for their products like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, Linkedin, blogs and so on.

Besides these, powerful advertising campaigns also greatly influence consumer behavior at each and every stage of the consumer buying process. This can be done through product branding; the message magically etches itself in the minds of consumers. Such ad campaigns should be repeated a number of times. There are famous ad campaigns that influenced the buying decision of consumers. When it comes to television advertising, ads are placed with repeat telecasting on popular programs or sports where viewership is more, like Super Bowl football in US, cricket in India, telecasting of blockbuster movies, popular soaps and so on. A quick song or a jingle about your product is easy to relate and it should be hummable. Radio advertising is equally important with jingles and quick songs about the products going on air are sure to catch-up the imagination of the consumers.

Saroj Ads, a renowned advertising agency has for the last 25 years been creating powerful ads with engaging content that influences the minds of consumers. Our ad campaigns for products like Lion Dates, Lion Syrup, Lion Honey, Chennai Silks, Harina Foods and several more ad campaigns have greatly influenced the consumers impelling them for action – to buy !!