Public Relation Services in India

Saroj Ads Public Relation Services in India: Saroj Ads believe Public Relations and Advertising go together and together they create an effective campaign that ought to sell with no comebacks.

What is Public Relations in ad parlance?
Public Relation Services is an art of managing harmonious effective relations between people and people; or people and products, brands; or people and services that are beneficial to the public. It is an art to manage and convince people about the goodness of the product or brand or the effectiveness of the services rendered or managing events.

Public Relation  Services

Public Relation Services at Saroj Ads (professionals) manage publicity for your product or brand via various methods like written communications, print media, newspapers, magazines, brochures, billboards, hoardings, audio and video methods, through websites, and social media circles telephone calls, press conferences, media get-togethers, SMSes, effective interpersonal communications, personal visits and so on.

Advertisers and Public Relations at Saroj Ads complement each other to bring out a powerful persuasive effective campaign for products, brands and services. Public Relations Projects at Saroj Ads are planned and sustained to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its people. Public Relations man is in fact the face of the client, or his product or brand or his services. He should reflect and represent the characteristics of his client and his brands.

Yet this is not as simple as saying that. Before preparing Public Relations strategies we have to first identify the target audience with relevance to the product to be advertised. Which segment of the people is going use a particular product; or what product or brand is aimed at which category of people needs to be identified.

Public Relation Services in Bangalore

Publicity by Saroj Ads Public Relation Services is more effective than advertising. Publicity is far more cost-effective than advertising. Second publicity has greater longevity than advertising. A piece of article about your business, or your product is remembered far longer. Publicity through Public Relations reaches far wider audience. At times your article might even get the attention in the national media spreading the word about the business or product that you have written about. Thirdly publicity about a business or a product has greater credibility amongst the public just because an important magazine or newspaper has featured your article giving an impression that your product or brand is worth considering.

Which is why, Saroj Ads has created a separate wing for Public Relations to create logistical campaign for businesses and their products and brands; and further complement with its advertising wings. We at Saroj Ads believe Public Relations and Advertising go together and together they create an effective campaign that ought to sell with no comebacks. For effective Public Relation Services in India for your products or brands  Contact any of our branches : Saroj Ads in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi.