Native Advertising

Need of Native Advertising in the Current Market

Native advertising is a powerful mode and new form of advertising that is deviating user’s attention by providing content with user’s perspective and experience. Native advertising is framed through contents that are promoted through visual designs, videos, articles, images and resembles print magazines advertisement. Native ads are presented with innovation, creativity and tailor made content to look more attractive to users.

There is a tendency for user’s to click on native mode of advertising intentionally or accidentally that is sponsored by other marketer through various platforms of native advertising. Native advertising takes advantage of other platforms through promotion like stories sponsored by other marketer in Facebook and tweets which are promoted through Twitter. User’s often tend to read or go through native advert along other website content, like social medias which acts as a communication path between corresponding brand and its followers. In turn, it helps to know the feed backs from users in the form of likes, shares, page-views and re-tweets in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter thereby, minting money and creating awareness to users.

Native ads often targets to grab users attention which can take various forms like suggesting a post in Facebook and are intent to be more transparent with promoted labels to make it relevant to the users. It in turn adds unique experience to the platform or website in which native ads are advertised and by gaining users trust.

native advertising

Further, native ads are of two types namely closed and open native ads. In open native ads, content of a brand is published outside the framework of website or platform base in which it is advertised with identical content of platform. Whereas, closed native ads publishes the content within the platform base, where it is advertised and makes it more relevant to the users.

Through recent research it was reported that users are are more likely to view native ads and they prefer to share it with peers.Hence, native advertising is forming strong mode of advertising.