Marketing techniques and promotional campaign go hand in hand

Every product needs to be promoted and pushed into the market. Howsoever, the product is good, it needs promotion and marketing to take it to the masses or right the right kind of consumers, for whom the product is meant. Promotional strategies involve several marketing aspects which include marketing strategies, marketing logistics, trends, rival product analyses, and the strategic advertising aspects that involve public relations strategies, retail chains, advertising on hoardings, advertising through ad films, strategic distribution network, digital marketing, all play a key role in building brands to the unknown products. Any marketing campaign should aim at capturing the consumers. You can use a mix of advertising, direct selling, influencing other buyers through referrals, sales promotion via discounts, coupons and attractive gifts and public relations to promote products or services.

marketing techniques

In this promotional campaign, marketing analysis plays a dominant role in designing a marking plan for a product or service. The crucial marketing plan should focus on customer needs. And how do you target them and reach out to them. Your marketing techniques should include, what is the status of the rival product in the market? Where do you find customers for your products? Is our product visible in the market or simply buried from view amidst the rival products? What is the unique USP of your product or what specialty comprises your services? Why do customers need your products or service? In such a case how do you bring out your product into the limelight and what advertising strategies you wish to adopt? These factors need to be taken into consideration in marketing analyses and strategizing promotional campaign.

A thorough research-based analyses of the products and the rival products help create perfect marketing approaches in identifying customer behaviors. Once we have identified the potential customers for our products then targeting them via our successful marketing techniques, strategies and logistics would be easy. Our marketing plans should also include how to elevate our product or service one notch above the competitors’ product.

Once we are successful in capturing the imagination of the consumers towards our products, there is every need to turn these customers into repeat buyers. So therefore, besides building promotional strategies and marketing analyses, we need to build strategies to make customers into repeat buyers. This is altogether another subject of how to retain the customers.

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