Consumer Analytics and Digital Online Marketing

Creating a marketing plan is no more an art, but science. This is the age of digital marketing where internet marketing, mobiles, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and other social network platforms have dominated the lives of billions of people across the world. Getting into the insights of consumers is crucial and it is where digital marketing comes into play. Consumer analytics play the dominant role in strategizing your marketing trends and logistics. So what is consumer analytics?

Well, consumer analytics is to study the behavior of consumers, their buying profile, their tastes, their likes and dislikes of what they are looking in a particular product. Studying and analyzing such facts is what consumer analytics mean.

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Well, in consumer analytics social media plays a major role in providing the insights into the consumers’ behavior. Facebook and Twitter pages provide a wealth of information that give out the preferences of the consumers. If you know his preferences and tastes you can influence a change in his buying profile and connect him to the product that you are aiming to sell it to him.

Television ads, print ads, and radio spots though play a key role in advertising your products and connecting them to consumers, they are considered marketing dinosaurs in terms of budget. Digital marketing has some disadvantages in itself.

People wanting to buy online have to type out the information in a search engine of what they want to buy. Companies want consumers to search for branded keywords; because such words are more cost-effective. But you search for a brand only if you are aware of the brand. People, who wanted to buy products at random, or people who do not know what brands to buy how do they search the products? This is one small aberration in digital online marketing. Yet in spite of its minor aberrations digital online marketing has become a booming business for any product or service.

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