Local SEO Services for Small Business Promotions.

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A business either it is small scale or big scale, it can be promoted in the targeted area through local SEO strategy. Small scale business enterprise or firms can make use of local SEO methods to promote their business most effectively. Making keyword analysis on the competitors business and submitting the business website in local business directories, Google places, Google maps and Google plus and in local Chamber of Commerce makes the small scale business promotion easy. It is better to take the help from nearby SEO service providing agency committed for small scale business promotion such as Saroj Ads, which is an online advertising agency. Saroj Ads is committed to promote small scale businesses within the budget of the clientele. This ad agency got approximately three decades of expertise in online advertising and SEO services. Saroj Ads has specially established SEO services wing as a commitment to promote all sorts of businesses both in local and international markets. Few of the local SEO strategies implemented by Saroj Ads for small scale business promotion are discussed below.

Local SEO for Small Scale Business Promotion

It is well known fact that any business needs promotion and the promotion will be done in different ways. Promotion is a hard task for small scale businesses. Large scale business can be promoted through different advertising media and different distribution channels with the budget allocated for promotion. But it is a hard task for small scale business with a little budget for promotion. Small scale business can also be promoted through local SEO strategies within the small amount of budget etc. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is a practice that makes the website to get placed on top of the search results by making it compatible to search algorithm. Local customers residing near the small scale business come to know about it through online searches. Small scale business flourishes through local market and local customers. Local customers can be acquired using local SEO strategies. Local business will be shown on top of the online search results through local SEO, it brings potential customer to the business. It makes the local business promote the brand easily in the targeted market area.

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Procedure to implement effective local SEO

Small scale business flourishes with local customers. Local customers can be acquired for a small scale business on listing the business website in business directories along with Google, major search engine used around the world. Google has different options for local business promotion. For example small scale business can use Google Places, Google Maps and Google Plus to list the website for a better promotion.  Listing the business website with Google places, maps and Google plus is the key factor in local SEO. It is not so easy to implement local SEO compatible to Google search algorithm. Local SEO should result in Google 7 result SERPs. So, concentrate on Google 7-result SERPs to promote the small scale local business effectively. Google launched “7-result SERPs”in August 2012. This 7 pack search result helps a lot to the small scale business.

What is Google 7-result SERPs: Google search will show 7 search results for a keyword. In which one website with expanded site-links will be shown at the top of the search results followed by six organic websites listed in Google. For example Google will show 7 search results in the 1+6 pattern; here 1 means the first website which is compatible with Google search algorithm and listed with Google. Other 6 sites are organic site links compatible with Google search algorithm and listed with Google. It is possible to get placed in the Google 7-result SERPs to promote the local business.

Figure out the Business Position

Submit the business website in business directories with a neat description containing the targeted key word to get placed in the Google 7 result SERPs. It is good to submit the business website in the local business directories more than the business competitor in the targeted area. Do research on the keywords and listings of the business competitor through Google. Procedure to verify the business competitor is discussed below.

Define the competitor

First of all list out the target keywords of local business such as city name followed by target keyword (of the business) and then verify which of the listed keyword trigger the local search algorithm of Google. That means find the keyword that shows seven websites in the Google search result page for a keyword. Figure out the position of the business in the search results.   This procedure leads to know the keyword combination that shows 7 search results in Google.

Geographical Location

Determine the exact location of the business according to Google map. Google search algorithm prefers the business that is located within a geographical boundary. It is must to define the geographical location of the business in the Google listing. Note down the geographical location (city name etc) of the business shown in seven search results to know about nearby business competitors.

Key aspect Determination

Verify all the features of the seven search results in Google 7 pack for a key word. Note down the business shown in first place in 7 results.  Note the contact information of the business such as name and address along with phone number of the business.

Now search in Google for the same business and address along with phone number by placing them between quotation marks. For example a business with the name ABC was shown in the first place and the address is XYZ-4555 etc. Then type “ABC XYZ-4555”and opt to search.  Checkout the search results shown by Google for the business name and address you typed between quotations. This will help to know the directories and citations of the competitors shown in the first place of the search results.  Similarly note down the complete details of the business shown at the seventh place in the Google 7 pack. Now verify the directories in which the business shown at 7th place was listed.

Practice the same for your business also to get positioned in the Google 7 pack.

Google Places & Directories

List the name, address and phone number (NAP) etc of the business in Google Places. Submit the business website in all local directories. It is good to list the business website with the local Chamber of Commerce for a better result. Submit the complete and correct NAP details of the business in more number of business directories than the competitor.

Google Plus & NAP

Remember to submit same NAP details in all the business directories.  Small variation or change in the details of the NAP will give wrong signal to Google.  Create a complete business profile on Google plus for effective promotion of the business.

Google Map

Google search algorithm prefers the websites listed with geographical location. Submit the business website in Google map to get placed in the top 7 search results. Provide complete details of the small scale business and its services along with timings and tariff on Google map to get the attention of local customers.