Is customer satisfaction the true premise for customer retention?

The key to customer retention is customer satisfaction. So Philip Kotler said. Customer satisfaction is the most important key factor as far as products or services of a company is concerned.  If customer is satisfied with a products’ quality, rest assured his loyalty to your product go a long way in maintaining long-term competitiveness. Customer retention is only possible once the customer is satisfied. In the context of relationship marketing, customer satisfaction is often viewed as a central determinant of customer retention.

customer retention

For decades together, customer satisfaction and customer retention has become the subject of hot discussion with consumer and marketing research fields. Annual conferences have been conducted on customer satisfaction since the early ‘70s discussing what satisfies the customer.

Recent times have also been witness to the paradigm shift from transaction marketing to relationship marketing in relation to customer satisfaction. Satisfaction has been seen as the necessary premise for retaining customers again and again. Consequently, customer satisfaction has developed extensively as a basic construct for monitoring and controlling activities in the relationship marketing concept. So, therefore relational marketing approaches have been introduced.

The link between satisfaction and the long-term retention of customers is typically formulated by marketing researchers, and is therefore treated as the starting point, rather than the core question of the analysis. As renowned marketing research scholars point out that the assumption that satisfaction/dissatisfaction influences repurchase behavior, according to the research. Consequently only a few researchers have investigated the nature and extent of the relation between satisfaction and retention itself.

Once the customer is acquired, we have to retain him for a lifetime of the product. His loyalty towards our product or services is crucial to our business. To retain a customer for a lifetime is not easy. It all depends on how you provide him the after-sales services. The customer retention is to give the customer more than he expects. The after-sales personalized services should exceed his expectations so that he becomes loyal to your product or brand for a lifetime.

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