How to advertise using Google AdWords effectively

You know!  ”Google AdWords” is one of the proven ways of online marketing to drive huge user traffic to the website. But it makes your business, if it is used in a proper way. Proper care should be while choosing “AdWords” that brings traffic to your site.

Since “Google AdWords” is a paid advertising product to display ads at the top or side of the screen. AdWords ads are the ads a company paid for so that people or users will notice their business whenever they are searching Google. The company only will pay whenever any user clicks on the ad which is known as cost-per-click advertising abbreviated as CPC. Google AdWords is a great opportunity to expand any business. People browsing Google will be targeted to your website when they click the ads shown on top of the search items and that leads to gain more customers.  Google AdWords is easy to launch within small budget that too the ads are also placed at the right place and right time. But, running a Google AdWords campaign was not a problem a long time ago when rates were reasonable. Now the problem is that new business may need to drop $5 or more per click to get the user traffic to visit the targeted website.  There is no doubt that Google AdWords may increase visitors as the specified ad is shown at the top of the Google search page, but there is no guarantee that they will turn up into sales though the investor pays for each click made by user.

google adwords

It is like this, whenever someone clicks on the ad shown on top of the Google search page, campaigners have to pay Google, regardless of a sale. This becomes an issue whenever the visitors are just browsing the web without any intention or interest to purchase or invest in the product or service intended for promotion. So investing on Google AdWords is potentially unworthy because sometimes the bid amount paid by business owners for each click is more than the revenue received by them from each visitor. So it is must be cautious about selection of best AdWords that gives traffic to make your business. So we understood the issues related to Google AdWords campaign and provided a few tips on “How to advertise using Google AdWords effectively” to benefit small business owners and entrepreneurs for their online business promotion. We expect that the tips discussed here in this blog post may generate higher click through rates at lower cost per click.

Coming to the details, important things to be taken care by Google AdWords campaigners on certain issues are listed as.

1. Target right audience

It is important to target the right audience to the site as the money is involved in it. Take proper care to select the language either regional or local and the country your product or service is targeted.

2. Refine keywords

It is must refine the keywords you are using to run the AdWords campaign. Place square brackets around the targeted keywords. Now the ad will be shown when the user searches for the exact keyword or keyword phrase you placed within the square brackets.

For example If the targeted keyword is “Google” Then place it as [Google].

3. Test multiple Ads

It is must to test two or more ads simultaneously to find the ad that produces the higher click through ratio. Replace the ad that is not performing as it has to do with a new one. Continue practicing simultaneous testing process till the time highest click through ratio is achieved. Remember that replacing the weaker performing ads will be practiced in the Print Industry as an A/B split test to reach the objectives of the business promotion.

4. Track the Returns

Though Google tracks the click through ratio of each ad, it does not track the conversion ratio. So use a special tracking link in each ad to track its conversion ratio.

For example: attach each ad with an affiliate tracking system link that makes you understand the return produced on each ad invested.

5. Include Targeted Keywords in Your Ad

Remember to include the targeted keywords in the headline and the description of the ad. Since Google highlight the searched keywords in bold fashion in the ad. Because searched keywords highlighted in bold will catch the user attention as they look for the keywords they entered while scanning search results. This is why targeted keywords should be included in the ad as they perform better than the one without them.

Though there are many things to be covered while practicing Google AdWords campaign. The above list provides important ones and the remaining things will be covered in another blog post as a continuation.