Brand Positioning Strategies and Logistics

Every product or a service needs brand entity and that brand entity should be positioned in such a way that the brand zooms ahead in the market attracting consumers. To build a brand successfully for the product, one needs to construct a meaningful strategy for the brand. And that strategy provides the framework for what your brands mean and how they should be organized. Balancing business planning with strategies and logistics requires clear roadmap for where you want your brand to be in the future.

To build a future for the brand is a challenging task. Only professional admen are competitive enough for such tasks. That’s where Saroj Ads come in. We also design effective brand strategy tools to help you stay on the path to success.


 When defining your brand and its positioning, one must have a good strategy to define what is needed in brand building and how it is to be done. Decide on the category product and the brand to be associated. Define the brand-building position. Define the USP of the product and demonstrate it to the consumers. The strategic objectives of Brand Positioning include relevance, differentiation and credibility and attainability. The brands must be appealing to customers. If not the brand won’t make it into the consideration set, regardless of how differentiated or credible it is. Differentiation is critical and key to the positioning of the brand. The brand must be unique and competitive offerings. Credible and attainable is the final measure.  If you cannot provide credibility to the product, the customer is left with an empty promise. It is critically important when developing a brand positioning strategy to deliver on all three positioning objectives at the same time. This is because brands that are highly relevant though not differentiated run the risk of being commoditized. Brands should be differentiated to become niche providers, though not particularly relevant. Concept optimization research is a great way to develop and evaluate alternative positioning concepts for brand buildings and brand manageability.

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