Advertisement as a Part of Life

As Calvin Coolidge says –  “Advertising is the life of trade”. Advertisement plays a vital role by influencing buying habit of people right from their childhood and varies as they transform into adults. Hence, effective advertisement is required to be designed and communicated in order to sell the product effectively and to gain a response from the audience. It conveys audience to take an action for making buying decision through strategies like branding and product promotion.

Over the years, advertising strategy has gradually grown as the industrial revolution emerged. Advertisement surrounds our daily routine, where we can observe it following us through Television ads, Radio ads, Billboards, Posters, Magazines, Text Messages and now through Internet advertising that follows through Native advertising strategy. It targets on potential buyers like housewives, who form a large mass and get influenced by conveying message through advertisement.

Advertisement acts as a platform to fulfill the needs of consumer needs with creativity and innovation that has a strong impact on audience to buy the product. For a successful business, advertising strategy is essential to reach the target market and to portray advantages and services of the product to large number of audience. Advertisement, in turn brings emotional attachment for a product in audience and acts as a part of their life by impacting on all the age groups.

Life without Advertisement

Absence of advertising creates mess in customer’s buying decision. Forms of advertising contains a message to understand, create and promote a product in a broader and crisp way. Since, audience rely on the factual presentation of any commodity that fulfills their basic needs from ad agencies.

Advertisement holds both positive and negative prospects and without its promotional element, audience will not be updated with the features of new and existing products. It helps to enhance the idea of concerned products that are marketed for customer and directly benefits the consumer to choose, compare and consume the product.

Hence,advertisement forms an essential and integral part of human life, that acts as bread and butter by attracting their attention and motivating towards traditional buying decision of a product. It has resulted in changing business demands, cultural aspects, technologies, economic importance, diversity and Identity of a product.