Why Alexa? What is its impact on any website?

Do you have a website for your business? If yes. Then the next thing is, are you using it to promote your business? If your answer is yes for this question also. Then it is must to know what is the page rank of your website and how it matters for your business? Let us discuss something important to be known to you as a webmaster and the owner of a business website.

Page Rank

According to Google, Page rank is a way of measuring the importance of the website page or pages. Page rank determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. It will be determined with an assumption that more important websites will receive more links from other websites. Page rank can also be known as a link analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to each web page or hyperlinked set of documents. It should also be remembered that a rise in traffic suggests that a rise in profit along with sites rank on Google. So most of the webmasters and website owners prefer to improve their site rank in every possible way. After Google page rank most of the webmasters care about Alexa rank.  It is like this the better the quality content in a website the more it attracts the visitors. Since Google page rank assigns a numerical weighting to a web page, Alexa page rank or Alexa rank also decides the standards and standard growth of a website or blog. Since Alexa ranking shows an impact on traffic and profit, it is important for business owners having a website for their business to concentrate on Alexa ranking and Google page ranking. Then how to enhance Alexa ranking for your website. We have provided a few of the important tips and tricks to improve Alexa ranking of your website below.

Why Alexa Rank:

Webmasters and the owners of business websites should remember that Alexa rank has its own importance within the world of blogging. The standard of site or a blog, domain age, Google page rank, the score and other vital issues will be decided based on numerous factors such as the Alexa ranking. According to reports over 75 percent of advertisers confirmed the standard of a website or blog based on the Alexa ranking. Better the Alexa rank, the more you’ll get the business. Alexa ranking also helps to attract guest posts from reputed website authors.

alexa ranking

How to enhance Alexa ranking

Before going to know how to enhance Alexa Ranking of a website. We must know that Alexa is the short form of Alexa Internet, Inc which is a California based subsidiary company of Amazon that provides commercial web traffic data. The Alexa toolbar collects data on browsing behavior and transmits it to the Alexa website,  where it is stored and analyzed, forming the basis for the company’s web traffic reporting. According to its website, Alexa provides traffic data, global rankings and other information on 30 million websites.

Tips to enhance Alexa ranking

Though there are many ways to enhance the Alexa ranking of a web site on the Internet. One of the important methods is to use the Alexa toolbar.

Download the Alexa toolbar and use it to visit your own web site. Verify how the site rankings are shooting up in the web world. Alexa also offers the power to co-brand the toolbar along with your own brand and give it away.

Verify the website with Alexa

Since Alexa is a website that claim your blog property.  It takes some time to get an Alexa ranking for the first time. But it will decrease as soon your blog get traffic through backlinks. So register your website with Alexa website.

Use Alt tags in your Pictures

Since pictures are invisible to search engines provide Alt tags to them to tell search engines what your image is regarding. Provide perfect Title, Alternate Text, Caption, Description and a suitable keyword for the Alt tags to maximize the impact of the pictures on the website.

Encourage comments

Encourage readers to provide their positive comments on the Alexa elaborated listings page for your website. This can be done by inserting  a suitable link to the suitable Alexa page on your site and asking the users or visitors to “Click here to rate this website

Build Quality Backlinks

Since Alexa considers and shows the number of back links a website has. Use social bookmarking and social networking sites such as participating in various forums to build backlinks. Other important methods to build quality backlinks include Blog commenting, Forum commenting, Directory Submission, Social bookmarking, Profile linking (Web 2.0 pages links), RSS submission,Social Media Sharing and Social Media Optimization(SMO). Though Google follows different method as compared to Alexa while assigning a page rank. Alexa calculations considers not only DoFollow links, but nofollow backlinks also. So don’t hesitate to make nofollow links. Since we can also make a good amount of traffic through no-follow backlinks.

Pro Subscription of Alexa

Webmasters may sign up for Alexa premium subscriptions packs to induce higher data concerning your traffic and to induce each single guest counted by Alexa. But check yourself with trial versions of Alexa before making any purchase. They can be purchased later if you find them helpful in enhancing Alexa ranking.

Avoid Illicit Traffic Exchange

Avoid suggesting a website that urges visits to your website. Try to avoid the methods of illicit traffic exchange. Be cautious about the websites using I Frame that encourage illicit traffic exchange.

This is how a webmaster or a business website owner can enhance the Alexa ranking for the website.  As discussed in our previous blogs, it is good to take the help of a branded business promotion agency such as Saroj Ad creators that provides high end of the digital marketing services at affordable price rates. “Saroj Ad creators” is an advertising agency that adopts latest trends in technology and management to promote all sorts of products and services at the ease of the business owners.