What makes a TV Commercial Effective?

We all know that advertisements create awareness about the product or service among the consumers, which in turn reap benefits to the business owners. Though the developments in the technology that changed the ways of business promotion. Advertisement stood ahead of all other methods of business promotion. We know that there are different types of advertisements which are communicated through different advertising media. Before going deep into the topic “What Makes a TV Commercial Effective?” It is better to discuss few important details about the advertisement and advertising. There is a definition that advertisement is an entity that contains an awareness message prepared by business owners to meet their objectives. It is a multi media entity that provides awareness message or idea in different forms.

tv commercials

Advertisement takes different forms depending upon the technology and its requirement. An advertisement takes electronic form to create awareness about a product or service among targeted consumers or communities. Usually advertisement is produced to communicate the message or idea within short span of time. An advertisement communicated on commercial purpose is considered as Commercial advertisement. Similarly, advertising is a method or an activity practiced to communicate product related information through advertisements.

Advertising requires a medium to communicate advertisement or awareness message. Few of the most important advertising media include newspapers, magazines, signs on streetcars and outdoor posters and Television etc. Television advertising is a type of advertising method in which awareness message or idea is communicated in the form of a multimedia entity that lasts for a few seconds or minutes. It is worth noting here that a TV Commercial is a commercial advertisement communicated through Television services. Similarly, few of the essential things that make a TV commercial effective while communicating the actual idea, in a short span of time include people, script, audio and video and a call to action.

Put people in the commercial

Remember to put people in the TV commercial to draw the attention of the targeted audience. Provide related activities to all the people playing different roles in the commercial.

Plan about Video content

It is must to show related furniture and background. Though the span of TV commercial extends from a few seconds to minutes. A TV commercial flashing different shots of video on the screen makes the customer feels like they are in a lightning storm.  Similarly, it is crucial to not cram a bunch of video into a short span TV commercial.  Plan to tell the awareness message or product idea in the form of a short story to get the customer attention even if they turn off the volume.

Matching script

Prepare a perfect script to communicate the entire message within 30 seconds or so. It is good to use short sentences that grab the attention of the potential customer. Capture required scenarios to tell the story in short span of time. The script should provide a good audio message even if the customer is not before the screen.  Similarly, proper care should be taken to match the audio and video content of the commercial ad.

Matching content   

Remember to show related visual either an image or a video which is perfectly related to the audio and the audio that is matched with the visual shown on the screen.

Call to action

Finally, do not forget to provide “Call to action”. Give proper information on contact details, web site address, phone number and street address along with landmarks, if the intention is to make the customer visit the outlet on specified dates and time.