TV Commercials and its impact on television viewers

TV commercials have become the pastime of advertising agencies for they have become the most effective in attracting the attention of television viewers. So advertising agencies are getting more creative in order to capture the attention of the viewers.

A good TV Commercial really make us experience all kinds of emotions, excitement, laughter, sadness, happiness, fear all in a matter of minutes. Usually a TV Commercial runs into 60 seconds of 120 seconds. There are also 10-second TV Commercial ads with number of frames being slickly edited that drive home the point. A TV Commercial generally conveys a message of a product or service or business boosting the business or service or forcing the customer to buy a particular product. There are also program-length infomercials that run into 20 to 30 minutes. Advertisements of this kind help promote a variety of products, services.

television commercial ads

Just making a TV Commercial is not enough. It has to be aired at the right time. It depends upon the commercial ad and the target audience that it is trying to gain attention of. There are primetime shows on television which attract huge number of Television Commercials. Because, primetime shows attract huge number of viewers. Hence TV commercials too prefer primetime airtime.

The boom of TV commercials has also seen the mushrooming of numerous individuals offering video production services on the internet. Video production companies that have no experience in producing TV commercials often have their productions rejected by networks for technical issues or content issues. It is because of their inexperience with creating broadcast-ready content.

Thus making TV commercials that attract huge television viewers is not an easy task. It is important to choose a right television production company and a right advertising agency that is experienced in making TV commercials that attract huge audiences. It is also pertinent that expertise in broadcast quality production and broadcast standards is crucial to gaining the advertisement’s acceptance by the networks. Television commercials should have melodies or jingles or slogans with catchphrases to make a deep impact on television viewers. Television commercials with long lasting catchphrases leave a deep impact on the audiences making them to remember the product for years together.

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