Role of Advertising in Business Promotion.

Advertising plays key role in the business promotion to increase sales for a product, service, idea or event. It maximizes the profits on a business product or service through customer attention in different ways. It can be defined in several ways. But the best suit definition of the advertising is “a non personnel communication of information usually displayed or provided with an aim to create awareness on a service or product to influence the strategy of the targeted audience”.

It remained as an important component in business promotion of a firm or agency even in the era of online communications and digital technology, either it is big or small. The person whose objectives are met through advertising is known as an advertiser. There are different types of methods discovered and developed to meet the objectives of the advertiser (client or manufacturer or investor). It can be done some times by an ad agency to promote a business service on behalf of a client. Cave paintings in some way represented advertising in ancient days. Advertising done by Egyptians on papyrus can be recognized as the earliest version of it. Advertiser is different from advertising agency, because he is the key person who invests on an advertisement to reach his aim of business.

Different types of advertising methods can be listed as Print, Guerrilla, Broadcast, Outdoor, Public Service, Product Placement, Cell Phone or Mobile and Online Advertising (aka Digital) etc. Advertising can be done through advertisements.

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An advertisement can be defined as a written statement or a multimedia message (audio, video or audio –video content or a graphic image etc) communicated to attract the attention of the public on something related to them. For example commercial advertisements are played to attract the attention of the customer towards the audio or video or multimedia content on a product or service to influence his purchase strategy or his view on a product or service.

Advertising will influence the business in different ways. Advertising time, space, duration and its content plays major role in the promotion of a business. Advertising is a best choice to earn maximum profits for a long time on a product or service within short interval of time after its launch in the open market.

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