Methods of Outdoor Advertising.

Advertising helps to promote different types of products or services offered by firms or enterprise with different magnitudes. Advertising can be known as the oldest tools of business promotion. Simply speaking advertising plays key role in business promotion at different scales.  Since the advertising was defined as a form of marketing communication made to attract the attention of the customer or audience with respect to a commercial offering or political or ideological support. Advertising requires a medium to communicate the message about the product or service etc. It can be made via old media such as newspaper, magazines, television, radio and outdoor advertising or direct mail or through new media such as blogs, websites or text messages etc. In this article we are going to discuss about outdoor advertising and different types of outdoor advertising methods.

Methods of Outdoor Advertising.
Methods of Outdoor Advertising.

Outdoor advertising can also be called as Out of home advertising (OOH). Outdoor advertising is a best choice to reach working class and elite business people, who could be attracted neither by television or magazines. Because the only time they have to look at any product or service is when they are travelling from office to home or on a business schedule etc. It can be referred as “the advertising done outdoors publishing the details of a business product or service”. Different types of Outdoor advertising include billboards, bus benches, interiors and exteriors of buses, taxis, business vehicles and trade shows, events etc. Let us discuss about various Outdoor advertising methods below.

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Billboard advertising

Billboards refer to banners, illuminated by colorful lights or electronic display boards etc. These are used to display witty words and visuals which are usually crisp and limited in their usage of words and visuals etc.

Bus Shelters & Benches

Advertising on Bus shelters is more advantageous to all scales of business promotion. Any business can be reached to a wide range of audience through such type of advertising. Because a bus commuter passes through the way once or twice every day and the time he spends before catching the bus may be utilized effectively to attract his attention towards the product or service. Similarly advertising done on Bus benches will also attracts the commuters to know more about the business during his journey. It is worth noting here that the persuading effect would be better through this type of Outdoor advertising.

Interior or Exterior of Buses

Advertising can be done both on exterior and interior of moving vehicles such as bus, auto rickshaw and trains etc. Narrow strip on the rear part of the vehicle or inside the vehicle is enough to provide sufficient information about a product or service. Advertising on the back side of bus and train tickets resulted huge traffic to many businesses.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows can be considered most crucial in business promotion. Because people visits Trade Shows with the sole purpose of purchasing new products manufactured innovatively. Business service or product can be promoted easily before many targeted audience with a demonstration through an audio system in a Good looking stall.