Media Planning and Buying

Media planning and Buying are the two important tasks of any media agency or advertising agency. Media planning and Buying activities of an advertising agency of media agency determines the combination of media, frequency of the advertisement or awareness campaign for an effective brand promotion at optimal price.

 Media Planning

Media planning deals with the selection of arena or space to promote a product in the open market. It deals with the selection of best combination of media for the public awareness program about a product. It improves the business by making the customer aware of the product. Media planning involves the techniques that influence the customer to use the product in a simple and smart way. So it is must for a manufacturer or business person to become a client of a media planning agency or advertising agency. The products manufactured as a part of business can be exhibited through media planning agencies to acquire the market. Media Planning not only deals with the selection of platform to make awareness about a product to the public, but also thinks about the time of campaigning also. The job of media planning agency is the selection of the best combination of media to exhibit or advertise a product before the public.

Media Planning

Media Planners

The team of professionals work in the Media Planning branch of an advertising agency will be called as Media Planners. They plans about the best media to run awareness campaigns and how many audience can be reached through which media, frequency  of the ads or awareness campaigns along with the investment cost of the media. Media Planners aims to meet the objectives of the marketing campaign.

Media Buying

Media buying deals with the procurement of space or media to promote the product at an optimal price and time. Media planning and Buying are the two important tasks of a media agency or advertising agency to be completed for an effective brand promotion.

Media Buyers

Media Buyers are different from Media Planners. Media Buyers thinks about station formats, pricing rates, demographics, geographic, and psychographics to meet the objectives of the awareness campaign of a product or service of their clients. They deal with the type of medium (radio, internet, TV, print); quality of the medium (to target audience, time of day for broadcast, etc.) along with how much time and space can be procured within the budget of the client. Media buyers work to purchase different media or platform both regionally or nationally within the budget allocated by the clients.

Media Planning & Buying at Saroj Ads

Saroj Ads is a media planning agency, got expertise in Media Planning and Buying from the past 25 years. The team of media planning and buying experts working with Saroj Ads got expertise to promote small firms within the budget of the client. Saroj Ads has a record of many small and micro firms benefitted with their media planning and buying strategies. Saroj Ads will first find the places from which the business originates. The experts of this ad agency categorize the customers to be reached. As a responsible media agency Saroj Ads look for the places of maximum business potential.