Make customers that no better alternative to buy your product

For each efficacious product in the market sector was outlined well to handle imperative perspectives, for example quality in product, arriving at focused on gatherings of people, value which is reasonable for all sections of customers and passing on message precisely than crashed way. Among all conveying message is an essential part. Currently, there are many ads hailed  on TV sadly; some products will not be reached to customers due to derailed narration.

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What this image indicates can you tell me?

Is he challenging? Are you sure?

I feel that he is asking some water to drink, you feel like laughing..? But it is true.

One should determine, to whom it should be communicated, many ads are misfired due to wrong concept and description. If one fails in communicating, that does not work out. You product and concept must go hand in hand. If not, it is like someone being in India and dreaming to become a president of U S. Wrong approaches can take business nowhere.