Lion Dates Squash new TV Commercial

Our latest commercial done for Lion Dates for the launch of their new product, Lion Squash. The product is an instant energy drink which is 100% natural without any added preservatives. The idea was to create a commercial which would reflect the qualities of the product keeping in mind the target audience. The ad was shot over two days at the new Sun Studios. An apartment complex set was erected with a basketball court being replicated inside. The challenge was to keep the child artists refreshed and active throughout the day and make sure all the shots were synchronised for the CG shots as well.

The commercial has received overwhelming response after its release on TV and the youtube video is also garnering hits exponentially everyday.

Client :     Lion Dates
Agency :     Saroj Ads
Director :   G.N Dhinesh Kumar
Associate Director: G.N.D Shyam Kumar
D.O.P :      Krish Kymal
Music :      Anirudh
Edit :       Balaji
EFx :        Prism’n’Pixel
Colorist :   Sunil
Post:        RGB Studios