Different types of media used in advertising.

Advertising, the key practice that makes a business to reach its objective, needs a channel to reach the targeted customers. Similarly the channel that is selected to practice advertising also plays important role in promoting a business. The combination of the different channels used to practice advertising is called as advertising media or media outlet. Though, every media outlet is not effective in business promotion. Each has their own role in promoting, which led to search for an effective and an affordable media outlet, which is a time consuming process. So entrepreneurs need to communicate with many people starting from customers to partners other business owners and media representatives to know the advantages and disadvantages in comparison with the cost.

advertising media

Though advertising requires huge amount of money from the creation to communication. The case was different when there are few media outlets. But the existence of several media outlets pushed business owners to do some sort of research to find an effective media outlet to practice advertising. The same communication technology helped entrepreneurs to promote their business easily and the same has created competition among media outlets increasing the cost of advertising. So let us first know different types of media used in advertising.

Media outlets used in Advertising

Though there are ten such media outlets. Few of the best media outlets are listed as Television, Radio, Print Publications, Internet and Mobile Devices.

Television, the device which changed the advertising trends and the field of advertising, is one of the best media outlets that can be opted by small business owners also for advertising. Advertising on TV started from the late 1950’s and reached its peak during 90’s. Though the cost of advertising on Television or TV is more compared to any other media outlet, it remained a promising tool to get the maximum exposure of the business. Next is Radio, which can be considered as the first generation devise of the communication technology. Advertising on Radio was a better option for the entrepreneurs of 1930’s. Sponsoring of programs for advertising a business started with Radio channels. People used to sponsor programs for which their business details will be mentioned at the beginning and at the end of the programs in exchange. Coming to print publications, which is one of the best media outlets opted by business owners from ancient days. The cost of advertising through print publications is very less and affordable when compared with other media outlets.