Brands and their magical impact on the products

What exactly the term BRAND means? A brand is like a name of a person. As names identify a person and distinguish him from the crowd of people, a brand too acts in a similar manner and distinguish a particular product from the crowd of products. Brands are terms used in business, advertising and marketing. The concept of branding has been in existence since thousands of years. At first, branding was done to the livestock to differentiate ones cattle from that of another’s. A distinctive mark is placed on the animal’s skin with a hot branding iron.

The word Brand is derived from the Old Norse (North Germanic language) word called brandr, which means “to burn”. This practice of putting burnt marks on their products dates back to the Vedic period between 1100 BC and 500 BC. According to the Vedic period, the oldest branded product was Chyawanprash, an herbal paste that rejuvenates ones health. It was first developed by a sage named Chyawan. So on his name the product acquired its brand image. This Chyawanprash was said to have developed on Dhosi Hill, a volcano that existed then in Northern India. It is now extinct.


Branding is also connected with trademarks. With the advent of industrialization, and before the emergence of packaging industry, several products packed in barrels or boxes during their shipping began putting their own logos or brands on the packages in order to distinguish products from each other. This branding on barrels or boxes has become a kind of a trademark for their products. Trademark advertising today is known as branding. Soon the fancy of building brands for their products quickly caught on with the manufacturers. Every product has a brand of its own. And the consumers too began addressing the products by their brand names. A logo too represents a specific brand as do many trade names.

To make these brands more famous, companies went into advertising. Slogans, jingles, catchy captions, mascots were created in order to popularize their respective brands. Television advertising, print media advertising, radio advertising, hoardings, and brochures nothing is left unused. Every avenue in advertising has been touched upon and exploited to make their brands popular amongst the consumers.

Even advertising companies did not lag behind in branding their services. Every ad company worth its name has its own brand image. Even Saroj Ads, the famous ad agency in Chennai has its own brand image, which is distinguished and stands tall among its equally distinguished clientele.