Brand Positioning: The secret of selling the product

A product that has an entity of its own is called a branded product. And positioning this product means it has to be made accessible to its target consumers. People should come to know of it and then be compelled to buy it. In other words, the product needs to be pushed in the marketplace and make it more visible to the consumers.

Brand positioning should be in a way that your product should be projected in a unique way and make it stand apart from its competitors. It should also ensure that your product is significantly encouraging to the niche marketplace. And further make sure that brand positioning should ensure all major geographic strategic locations are flooded with your product with a unique message. Brand positioning should also ensure that the product is in compliance with its unique selling proposition points. Can the brand positioning strategies help your product sustain the continuous contacts with the consumers? Your product should be positioned in a way that it should be able to deliver across all points.


Choosing niche markets for your products plays a key role in creating a distinguished image for you product; completely from that of the competitors’ products. In a way brand positioning must create an entirely new image for the product. And this requires the product should relate to the tastes, views and opinions of the consumers. Your strategic brand positioning must reflect the competitive stance that your product should take.

In brand positioning the following errors must be avoided, lest they spell doom to the product and stays several miles behind the products that belong to your competitor. The product that conveys its image to the consumers in a blurred manner and its unique selling proposition points are focused in an unclear manner, it is called under-positioning. If your product is over-flooded in the marketplace and yet your customers are less aware of its presence, then you are said to have over-exposed the product with little info on it or on its unique selling proposition points. This is called over-positioning of the brand. If the consumers are confused over your product and cannot distinguish between your product and that of the rival product, then it is confused positioning of the brand. In spite of your great efforts and pain that you have taken to position the brand and yet customers do not trust your product and suspect its credibility then you wrongly positioned the brand by exaggerating its unique selling propositional points. This type of brand positioning with false claims is called exaggerated brand position.

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