Brand Positioning: The Foundation for Brand Success

Brand Positioning
Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is the way the public perceives the brand. It is not something random, but a much researched and systematic marketing tool.

For example, a brand like Kingfisher might sell alcohol but position itself as the ‘king of good times’; so, when the consumer sees the brand he or she doesn’t think about hard liquor, but about fun and frolic.

Then again, that is only a part of what true brand positioning is!

What is brand positioning really?

The real role of brand positioning in marketing is simple – to declare ‘I am better than the other guy who sells the same thing as I do’ to consumers. This utterly simple and obvious marketing tool is one of the most complex and important aspects of marketing the brand; the brand itself includes the product, a service or an organization.

 What must brand positioning entail?

 Target audience

Narrowing down the target audience will help intensify the impact of the brand’s positioning, as there will be less wastage in terms of uninterested consumers.


Information pertaining to competition is key while working on brand positioning. The ultimate aim is to be able to differentiate the brand – and thereby, the product – from the competition so as to stand out to the consumer; and for this, knowledge of competition is of utmost importance.

 Uniqueness of the product

To be able to persuade the customer it is important that the brand positioning showcases, how, despite selling a similar product, this brand is better than the competition’s. The product/service/organization has to have – or cultivate – a point or points of difference from the competition so as to help the brand positioning succeed.

 Follow up

Brand positioning is the ultimate foundation of the product – it is the rhythm to which every other marketing tool moves. Starting from manufacturing to sales to packaging to pricing everything depends on the way the brand has been positioned.

That said, brand positioning is only the beginning of the journey of the brand. For its long term success, it is imperative that the company ensure that the benefits and experiences promised are consistently met and fulfilled.