Best Marketing Strategies for Business Promotions

Product promotion is one of the necessities to get noticed by general public or customers. Companies or service providers adopt all types of business promotional strategies, depending on their budget and specialization. For example small business owners use flyers or referrals to promote a product. Big companies or large firms may sponsor sporting event or any big entertaining event. There are different ways to promote a product or service in the open market. Some companies use one specified method, while others may use different methods to reach their objectives. It is well known fact that the promotional strategies help the business to stay top among the competitors. Though there are different promotional strategies are followed by business promotional agencies or business firms. Few of the best promotional strategies include Contests, Social Media, Mail Order Marketing, Product Giveaways, Point-of-Sale Promotion and End-Cap Marketing, Customer Referral Incentive Program, Causes and Charity, Branded Promotional Gifts, Customer Appreciation Events and After-Sale Customer Surveys. Few of the best business promotional strategies is discussed below.

business promotional strategy


Contest can be defined as an event in which people compete for supremacy in an activity or sport etc. Conducting Contest is one of the very frequently implemented strategy in business promotions. Most of the contests conducted for business promotions don’t requires a purchase or entry fee etc. The idea behind the contest is to promote a brand and put the logo and name in front of the public rather than making money through sales campaign. Conducting contests will attract the attention of new customers towards the product intended for promotion.

Social Media

Social media can be defined as a website and web applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. There are various number of Social media websites available on world wide web. Social media websites such as Facebook and Google+ provides companies a channel or media to promote their products or services in short time in a more relaxed environment within the budget. People registered in Social media forms different social networks based on their habits, tastes and aims etc. Social networks formed through Social media connect with a world of potential customers spread around the world. The members of a social net work view the details of the product or service from a different perspective. They look at the product details interestingly rather than looking it as “trying to sell” something. The social network will look on the product or service on a more personal level. Social networks minimize the gap between the company and the customer.

Mail Order Marketing

It can be defined as buying goods or service through mail delivery. In the Mail order marketing customer places order for the desired product to the company through an email or telephone call or through a web site etc. Customers already purchasing the product are not to be overlooked, because these customers have already decided to purchase the product. It is helpful to promote business service or product on obtaining personal information from these customers. Personnel information of the customer can be used to offer a free product or service in exchange for the information. These customers who are already familiar with the product will represent target audience aimed to market new products.

Product Giveaways

Product giveaways can be referred as offering sample of the product to introduce the new product. Product giveaways allow potential customers to sample the product which in turn introduced to others easily. Most of the companies follow the strategy of Product giveaways in business promotions.

Point-of-Sale Promotion and End-Cap Marketing

Point-of-sale and end-cap marketing is a business promotion strategy in which product will be promoted for sales in the stores. Creating impulse and making the product convenient to the customers is the idea behind this promotional strategy. The word End-Cap marketing features the product which is aimed to promote quickly in a store. In this method the product will be placed in a place accessed by the customer easily. The product will be displayed near the checkout point in the store so that customer can purchase at the time of check out from store.

Customer Referral Incentive Program

It is one of the best followed business promotion strategy by most of the business firms and companies. In this method existing customer will be offered with gifts, discounts and cash rewards on referring new customer to the store. The customer referral incentive program is a best way to encourage current customers to refer new customers purchase the product. Free products, big discounts and cash rewards are some of the incentives offered in this method.

Causes and Charity

It can be defined as the promotion of a product or service while supporting social service or a particular cause. It is possible to acquire new customers making them conscious about a social cause. In this method brand image as well as sales also improves as the customers purchase the product in sense of helping cause. Customer feels participated for a social cause while purchasing the product.

Branded Promotional Gifts

It is possible to promote a product or service effectively by giving branded gifts than simple business cards to customer. For example the gifts given to customers they use keeps the business in plain sight than in the trash or in a drawer.

Customer Appreciation Events

It is possible to draw customers into the store by conducting a customer appreciation event with free refreshments and prizes.  For example inexpensive food items such as pizza, hot dogs and soda can be offered to make the event more attractive.

After-Sale Customer Surveys

It is good to contact customers by telephone or through the mail giving importance to his satisfaction after a sale is a best business promotional opportunity.

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