Advertising in india:

The growth of advertising in India has been parallel to the growth in industrial and economic development of the nation. It is only in the last twenty-thirty years that both agricultural and industrial development is taking place and there is an increase in the per capita income with a corresponding increase in the purchasing power of the people. Indian advertising when compared to its counterparts in the west shows that it has not yet reached its full potential growth. Advertising in India is almost eighty-ninety years old as compared to that in the west which is almost two hundred years old. However, advertising is a growing profession in India and conscious efforts are being made to develop it fully. Future projections: Advertising in India has achieved a level of sophistication and maturity in the last two decades which is indeed incredible, considering the enormous complexity and heterogeneous nature of the Indian market. India has one of the fastest growing markets in the world due to the size of its population and its increasing prosperity. The 21st century has bought many dramatic changes in the field of advertising.

Global Concept:

The force that will have the greatest effect on the future of advertising is consolidation. We are, at this moment in the midst of an enormous process of consolidation among marketing companies, advertising agencies and the media. This will have a tremendous impact on advertising in India. It will mean more variables and more creativity
as well as price competition and global package deals for global markets. For multinational marketers this will mean package deals that cut across various forms of broadcast and print. The future world of advertising will have more and more giants dealing with giants, and advertising agencies will be forming buying partnership. Companies would still rely upon advertising to improve their competitive positions. Advertising as a career would be very attractive indeed for enterprising young people.

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