Hiring an advertising ad agency

“Without publicity there can be no public support and without public support every nation must decay” – Henry Brooks

 The Parable of the Peach Picker

In a town lived a farmer who did own fruit orchards. When the time comes to harvest, he sold only best fruits. One fine day three friends passed by fruit orchards and upon seeing this asked former if they would pick some fruits. Former accepted.

As three entered, they saw that there were many more apples than peaches left to be

Picked. First man ran to apples and started picking them.

Not long after, second one claimed that all the apples were to be his. The two began to fight. They fought all the day and became tired. They did not even carry a single fruit. While they are going home they saw under tree a sign board that Peaches for sale by a third man.

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Here the thing that we can take it is, choose a better path than walking in the same way and fighting for same thing. Products that you choose should be peculiar and marketing strategies also must be very unique. Either first or best will happen when you think differently. Marketing revolution by ad agencies are the benchmark in the market and one has to take support for promoting your brand in the market.

Here parable teaches us that if you can’t stand as first just leave it and try for another one to be first. At present, to be first or best, promote your brand by approaching ad agencies as they are playing major role.

To sell products, buying ideas from ad agencies are essential. A successful company has strong support of marketing strategies from ad agencies. When thought and action walk hand in hand can show results.