Media Planning, Buying and Designing

What is Media Planning, Buying and Designing in Advertising parlance?

Media planning is a fine art that tells you how to expose your products, when to expose your products, who to expose your products and how to position your products. Effective media planning warrants quality research on products and consumers, analyses of consumer habits, a look at the marketing strategies , and analyses of competitors’ products and how they are faring in the market are all key factors that contribute in determining the right kind of media plan for a product in question. Depending on the product, the target audience and the type of ad campaign, a media plan is chosen. When it comes to print media campaign, say a newspaper. We select the right kind of newspaper, English or vernacular and with its local editions we easily reach out to our targeted audiences. When it comes to television campaign we chose the right time to telecast our ad with powerful ad message that captures the attention of the viewers.

Selecting the right kind of newspaper and its local editions English or vernacular; selecting the right time spots on radio and on what programs; and selecting television spots on popular soaps and their primetime, the program’s ratings and its reach among the viewers are all the deciding factors in media planning, media designing and media buying. In fact Media Planning requires comparing various advertising media and its effectiveness in connecting the consumers to the product.

Kinds of Media Vehicles to chose from Various media vehicles such as radio, television, newspapers, magazines, hoardings, public transport like buses, commercial vehicles, digital advertising, social media campaigning, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), advertising on other products such as on matchboxes, railway tickets, bus tickets, telephone pads, shopping bags, calendars, and several other items of regular use and importance. Of these media vehicles one has to choose the right kind of media that suits the product best and how effective that media would be to influence the consumer about the product. Frequency is also an important aspect in media planning. How many times the ad should repeat in order to get noticed by the consumer and in what kind of media are the questions need to be answered. We need to find out from where the business is coming from and where the potential consumers are lay in wait.

After deciding the Media plan, we design the ad campaign for that particular media and then buy the required media space to launch our ad campaign to capture the consumers for our clients’ products. Advertising campaign and media planning should perfectly complement each other. Any advertising campaign should have to have a perfect media planning and design so that the consumer directly connects with the product. Advertising a product without proper media planning and designing your efforts would just go down the drain since you cannot connect the product to the consumers.

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