Channel Distribution Services in India

The role of Channel Distribution Services in India
You have a product and you do not have means to reach your consumer or you do not know the right path to reach your consumer. Saroj Ads help you reach your consumer in a direct but smooth way – via its Channel Distribution Strategy Services.

What is Channel Distribution Strategy Services?
It is the method how you route your product or service through various distribution channels to reach your consumer ultimately. It is vitally important to know about how you reach your consumer. The route which the product travels from the producer to the consumer or in vice versa payments for those products travelling from consumer to the producer is called a channel of distribution. In short a distribution channel is consumers accessing your product via various means or channel-points like distributors, wholesalers, agents, and retailers. Each channel-point receives your product at a certain cost and moves on to the next channel-point and from there again to the next channel-point until it reaches the consumers. A manufactured product does not reach the consumer directly. It goes through several channel-points of distribution namely factory to distributor to wholesaler to retailer and then to the consumer.

channel distribution strategy

This is the longest channel of distribution with several middlemen involved. The producer is fully relieved from the headaches of marketing. The producer hands over his entire product to his channel-points from which it moves step by step and finally reaches the consumer. The producer dumps his product at his distribution point from there the product moves to the wholesaler and from there it moves to the retailer and from there it reaches the consumer ultimately. This is most helpful in distribution of industrial products.

If the product is aimed at a niche segment direct selling is more suitable. If customers place big orders for the product direct selling is most preferable without the involvement of any intermediaries.

Channel Distribution Services in India

There are several other factors that a manufacturer must take into account while choosing a distribution channel. A new business may need to establish one or more channel-points to push its product. It involves lots of money. Only a well-established business houses can have as many channel-points of distribution to sell their wares.

So having understood how complex it is to choose and strategize a channel distribution point, Saroj Ads has created a roadmap for Channel Distribution Services in India (Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi) for every product, new or established; branded or unbranded. Saroj Ads is the right place for you to seek the services in having a correct and effective channel distribution point for your products.