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Why do movies need promotion? What ails the Indian Cinema?

What is movie promotion services? Why do movies need promotion services? Does it require now in the present circumstances? When the directors are capable of handling the success of their movies by themselves? And why do well-made movies with right story, screenplay, editing, big-star performance, and good directorial skills have failed to click at the box office as the audiences rejected them outright. History is full of such instances especially movies made in Indian cinema. While the other side of the story is badly-made movies have become blockbuster hits. Why?

This is because of lack of promotional campaign for the movie. Promoting and campaigning a movie at the right time with the right kind of advertising strategies any film would either become a hit or fails falling flat on its face with a big thud.

These days the success of a movie depends on how promisingly you promote your movie. Promoting a movie at every stage right from muhurat shot to press meets, to artists’ introduction to music album releasing to special screenings for celebs, fans and VIPs. Everywhere and at every stage film promotion has become a dire necessity. Which is why, we see mushrooming of movie promotion companies across the world and especially in India where their services have become the order of the day.

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Movieboosterz of Saroj Ads has been watching the Indian film industry as close as it could with clinical analyses, reviews and ratings. It knows the inside out of the movie industry like the back of its hand. Being in the advertising industry for the last 25 years, Saroj Ads has an added advantage in promoting movies the right way at the right time with a perfect sense of timing.

Movie Promotion Services help connect the audiences with movies powerful yet effective campaigning. We take your movies to the audiences stirring in them the interest towards your films. Movieboosterz tell your movie story to the audiences in our own way. We know where to highlight, where to stress – a point here or a point there; or where to polish it off – a dialogue, a song-teaser, or a funny shot in the movie; and on who to focus on in its promotional campaign. We at Saroj Ads have been doing this as part of our Movieboosterz services an umpteen times.

Our Movieboosterz services is primarily aimed at promoting commercial feature films, art cinema, short films, television shows and TV soap operas of all languages. Contact Saroj Ads in Chennai for further info on our Movie Promotion Services.