Media Planning Role in the world of Advertisement

What is Media Planning in Advertising parlance?
Any advertising campaign should have to have a perfect media planning and design so that the product reaches the consumer in a direct manner. Advertising a product without proper media planning and designing your efforts would just go down the drain since you cannot connect the product to the consumers. Saroj Ads with 25 years of standing in advertising business has vast experience and expertise in media designing, planning and buying. We have launched many a products, built brand images and ran ad campaigns to connect the product with the right consumer and built strong customer-bases for many a product. Soon after our ad campaigns hitting the markets you would hear a clangor from the targeted audiences. Well, this is how we proceed.

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Media Planning

Media Planning requires comparing various advertising media and its effectiveness in connecting the consumers to the product. Various media vehicles are radio, television, newspapers, magazines, hoardings, public transport like buses, commercial vehicles, direct mailing, digital advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), advertising on other products such as on matchboxes, railway tickets, bus tickets, telephone pads, shopping bags, calendars, and several other items of regular use and importance.

Of these media vehicles one has to choose the right kind of media that suits the product best and how effective that media would be to influence the consumer about the product. Frequency is also an important aspect in media planning. How many times the ad should repeat in order to get noticed by the consumer and in what kind of media are the questions need to be answered. We need to find out from where the business is coming from and where the potential consumers are lay in wait.

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Depending on the product one needs to decide whether to target your ad at a select consumer group or target the whole consumer lot in general. Well, for a product to get noticed by the consumer it takes two to three ad repeats in newspapers. The kind of newspaper, its geographical location, and the loyal readership base of that particular newspaper are the deciding factors in media planning for newspapers. While for a Radio ad, the timing and the kind of program is important. For Television spots too prime time and the program’s are important factors to target your potential prospective customers. This is just tip of the iceberg in media planning.

There are several other factors like media designing and media buying too contribute a lot in advertising campaign that effectively influences the consumers taste and their buying profile. For effective media planning and media design for your business, product, or brand Saroj Ads is the place for you. Contact any of our branches : Saroj Ads  Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad in India