Advertising Agency and its Functions

Advertising Agency performs as an adviser, consultant to its client. The advertiser who designs, execute plans and convert them into branding and ad campaigns.
The independent organization functions in marketing promote and make a brand visible to the consumer. Placement of advertisement to different associated media is another responsibility of ad firms. To perform all the responsibilities in branding a brand it is very important for any ad agency to understand the confidentiality and modules of a client’s organization. To have insight knowledge of the product and complete analysis of the market gives a better understanding of the brand and its services.
Hence, the relationship of an agency and its client involves a certain trust, confidentiality and understanding factor.


From planning, preparing and executing the plan are the primary functions of ad agencies.
Planning includes gathering information about client, its product, its response to the market and its related services. With these basic information ad agencies formulates their creative ideas and work on designing the brand.

The most difficult work is to execute the plans to the market. Contacting different forms of media, buying time and space for concerned ad and projecting proper content in media includes lot of hard work of dedicated team.For the growth of brand and a business, advertising agencies are required. It is highly beneficial to any business organization to market its product and services in a grand way. Identifying the right agency in the market is a difficult job. Saroj Ads, a well-known advertising agency takes care of entire branding and promoting of a product with effective advertisements that catches the attention of consumers.

With services of commercial ads, Radio, Press, Online, Outdoor publicity and related other ad agencies functions in a way to create an effective impression on consumers. Ad agency works as a commercial organization with complete quality assurance helps a business to reach the eye of the consumers and enhances its brand value in creative way.