Nature of Advertising Agency

Advertising agency is a social media whose nature is to provide information of a particular product or service by apt marketing campaign to reach fast growing market in the world. Hence, ad agencies must always be special to acquire required target group.

Advertising agency involves accepting of projects from its clients to make unique ad, so as to get target customers attention, which indeed to purchase and growth to client business. These agencies do back office work to get satisfied result to both the client and customers, and for agency to withstand in market. In general ad agency’s work is on two types of ads i.e., rational and emotional ads. For rational ads the main target is purchase of product by anyhow to give business to Client Company, in this process client company never bother about brand image.  In this type of ads, main content involved is price, features etc.

adv'ng agency

For example ads: cleansing items, perfumes, soaps etc.

When it comes to emotional ads, they mainly focus on longevity, quality etc. In general growth of these emotional products will be very slow but they live a long life. Whereas in rational products growth will be very fast and life span stays short. Examples of rational ads:  Life insurance, pension plans, eatable oils etc.

In an ad agency, ad making process is a 360 degree, where the work cannot be transferred to other officials at any state. It starts from the low level personnel to higher authorities in the agency; they have to take care of minute changes too. As from earlier days, ad agencies are vastly growing in market with vice versa of opportunities. Competition has become a big challenge, to retain old clients and to acquire more number of new clients. In current scenario, an Ad agency has to be very innovative, creative at graphics, design, colors etc., they have to be through at back office work like research and development, feedback gathering. For every ad agency, they are unique to themselves at work but when it comes to clients and customers view, they all are alike at work. Ad agencies must work according to customers and clients point of view to get high rate of success. Hence, nature of ad agencies must possess all qualities which have to be there to meet companies’ requirement in terms of promotions.